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How to tie a triangle bikini

March 26, 2024 | By: Victoria Cowan
Read time: 3 minutes

What is a triangle bikini?

Before we get into the styling portion of the blog, it might be nice to take a step back and give a definition of triangle bikini. A triangle bikini gets its name from the strings that are part of this bikini style. The bikini consists of two triangular shaped pieces connected at the bottom, a thin string wraps around the waist and connects these two triangles together. We absolutely love triangle bikinis since they’re timeless, always on-trend and very versatile! Another great thing about a triangle bikini is that they can be worn by everyone!

8 different ways to tie your triangle bikini

Happy summer vibes! Do you always bubble over with excitement at the prospect of going shopping for your new swimwear & bikinis?! We feel ya! While we love having multiple bikinis to choose from we also love the idea of styling one bikini in different ways, enter: the triangle bikini. 'Cos did you realise there are up to 8 different ways to wear and style a triangle bikini set? We love it! Keep on reading the blog to see the 8 different beach looks you can create with just one triangle bikini top. Ready to steal the show on the beach and the beach bars this summer?! Don't wait any longer and discover our 8 favourite ways to style a triangle bikini.


Style 1. Classic

Let’s start with good ol’ number one, the traditional way of wearing your triangle bikini. Pull the straps to your neck and tie them up in the back and tie your back straps straight behind your back.

Style 2. Cross front

Untie the neck straps on your triangle bikini top, but leave the back straps tied at the back, then pull the two neck straps to the front and cross them across your chest. Tie back behind your neck and you’ve got yourself a lovely cross detail across your chest. This style works wonders for the cleavage area! 

Style 3. One shoulder

Look 3 is the asymmetric look. For this one, again leave your back straps tied at the back, and untie your neck straps. Pull them both to the front and pull them both across 1 shoulder, attach the straps on one side of your back straps, et voila, the ultimate asymmetrical, one-shoulder look. This one is surprising and super on-trend, what more could you want?!


 "Good vibes happen on the tides!"

Style 4. Cross-over

For look 4 again keep the straps on your back all tied up, simply untie the top neck straps, grab them at the front and cross them just about your chest. Tie them up and then wrap the left-over bits of the straps around the back of  your neck. This will give you a slight variation of the traditional cross-over style.

Style 5. Upside down

This one is a lil different! It requires you to flip over the triangle top and put it on top to bottom and then simply tie the straps as you normally would: around your back & neck. It’s kinda the same, but different, ya know?! Why not give it a go!

Style 6. Bottom criss-cross

Now this style is going to require some imagination, but it’ll look amazing, promise! So, first thing’s first, pull the triangular cups all the way to the outside, left & right, then you’re left with a wide piece of the strap which you can pull over your neck. Tie the shorter straps you’re left with behind your back, and pull the long straps down under your breasts and cross them over, pull to your back and tie them up just below the existing back straps. 

Style 7. Front tie 

Before putting your bikini on, pull the cups to the outer edges of the elasticated main strap, put that around your back and pull the cups to the front. Tie up the short bits of the straps you’re left with in the middle of your chest, in between your breasts, and tie the long straps around your neck.

Style 8. Upside down front tie

Pull the bikini cups to the outer edges of the middle elasticated strap. Pull that centre strap over your neck. Tie the short straps you’re left with across your front and pull the long strap around your back and tie up.

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