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How to mix and match bikinis

April 14, 2024 | By: Victoria Cowan
Read time: 3 minutes

Can you mix and match bikini colours?

There are a few perks to being able to buy yourself bikini separates, but one of our absolute fave perks is the fact it allows you to buy a bikini bottom and bikini top in different sizes. Because, let’s be honest, who hasn’t struggled with the fact they wear an entirely different size up top compared to the bottom. Or perhaps you just feel more confident about your top half than your bottom half? Well, when mixing and matching your bikini separates the choice is all yours. From high-waisted bottoms to tiny lace-up bottoms, full-coverage tops or very skimpy tops, and every shape in between, the choices are endless. Another major bonus is the fun you get to have mixing and matching different prints, colours and styles, and just leave it up to what kind of mood you're feeling on the day. You’ll end up with the perfect bikini set to suit your style, one that’s unique to you. Obviously, there’s no harm in adding even more of a personal touch to your bikini look, simply go for a bunch of bohemian jewellery and a cute anklet! Fun in the sun guaranteed! 

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How do you style a mismatched bikini?

Ready to steal the show around the pool in your hot new mismatched bikini? Well, we say, mismatch colour and prints & all eyes are guaranteed to be on you. A colourful bikini radiates freshness and summer. Proud of the tan you’ve managed to achieve since arriving on holiday? Well, a bright bikini is the perfect outfit to show off that new bronzed glow. Plus, don’t forget that colour blocking is one of the major trends for the year, so what better way to show off your fashionista style credentials than by colour blocking your bikini. Our current fave colour combos would have to be green & pink, cobalt blue & orange, and yellow & lilac, but really all of these colours would look great mixed ‘n matched. Tone down the colour by wearing a colourful bikini top or bottom and styling with the opposite separate in white or black. This truly is a fun style, so run with it & don’t hold back!

"Life isn't perfect but your bikini can be"

Do bikini sets have to match?

You bikini tops and bottoms absolutely don't have to match! In fact, printed bikinis are super fun to mix and match. If you’re carefully dipping your toes into the whole mixing and matching game, start subtle. Go for a printed top or bottom and choose a matching separate in a uniform colour, but choose a colour that recurs in the print, thereby linking the two pieces into one cohesive look. Ready to take the full plunge? Go for double print! The bolder the better! Go for florals, animal print, stripes, tie-dye or glitters, the sky’s the limit for those who aren’t afraid to try new things. Have fun with it and let your personality speak.

How do I mix and match bikini tops and bottoms?

There’s loads of different bikini tops and bottoms styles, the most popular bikini top style is probably the triangle bikini style, for obvious reasons. Sexy and on-trend the triangle bikini top is made of triangular cups that create a full cleavage, perfect for those who like to flaunt what they’ve got. The triangle bikini usually has thin, adjustable shoulder straps making it super easy to play with the fit. Because, believe it or not, there are actually more than 8x different ways to wear a triangle bikini. So fun! Curious? Check out our blog on how to style a triangle bikini and find out!

Another fan favourite bikini top style is the bandeau bikini. This style wraps around the chest creating a more casual sporty vibe. You can usually wear this style top with straps or strapless, either way, they come in a tonne of colours and styles so there’s sure to be one to suit you.

Bikini bottoms also come in a range of styles, from low-slung to high-waisted, full-coverage to cheeky, the style of bikini bottoms you go for is always going to be determined by what you feel most comfortable in! However, when it comes to mixing and matching your bikini bottoms with tops the options are endless! We love a mismatched print and colour option. Leopard print and red is the style combo of the season, so why not translate it into your mismatched bikini look too! And while we're on it, a floral print bikini looks amazing styled with bikini bottoms that reflect some of the main colours in the print. Finally, a metallic bikini top paired with a more simple pair of bottoms will make you stand out on every beach or pool side this summer! 

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