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All about flowers

May 3, 2022 | By: Victoria Cowan
Read time: 3 minutes

Floral prints then vs now

Florals for spring?! There’s nothing groundbreaking there, but contrary to the singular floral prints that were all over the place a while ago, this year the floral print is more about an array of florals, a bouquet if you will, compared to just the one. Imagine a field of wildflowers rather than a vase of just the one kind. Which means those sweet daisy floral prints that used to adorn your floral dresses have had to make way for an abundance of happiness. Let’s just say, it’s flower power to the max!

All about flowers

The current flower prints we’re seeing a lot of lately are more detailed and realistic than ever before. We love pairing these floral prints with embroidery & crochet details, as they really bring the floral print to life! Leave the dark days behind and go for a life full of colour! No more neutrals babe, we want to see an explosion of colour this spring/summer season. Flowers are beautiful living things that truly liven up your life in colour and scent, there’s no avoiding it, it’s time to show your true colours and go floral!

 "The smell of a flower is my favourite scent" 

How to wear floral prints

Floral print is always a good idea! Pair good feelings with the positive vibes of flowers and smile bright! A floral print item will allow you to bloom to your ultimate potential. Floral print often contains bright and statement colours that make for a unique & statement making outfit, cos let’s face it, we’ve had enough of basics & neutrals, it’s time to spice things up!

Republiek Bloemendaal at sea 2 087

Floral print look #1: edgy

Floral prints are undeniably super feminine, but that doesn’t mean you can’t edge it up either. Add some edgy touches and you can easily personalise your floral print to your individual style. Think baggy jeans and a leather look gilet to finish off your floral top look, and your floral print is instantly less girly.


Flower look #2: back to basics

Does the floral print feel a little too out there for your taste? Just tone it down a little! Nowadays, colour is everywhere, and we happen to love it, but it’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. To be able to enjoy your floral print without letting it overwhelm you, style it with a clothing item that matches the main colour of your print, think white, black or blue. Once you’ve matched your floral print to a matching colour it’ll really come alive. Mission accomplished!


Flower look #3: feminine

Love going through life as a girly girl?! Own it with floral prints! My Jewellery floral prints will allow every wallflower to blossom into the gorgeous flower she truly is! Go for a pair of floral print pants, a skirt or dress with a bright base colour such as pink, purple or green. Just wait and watch as the floral print explodes into a kaleidoscope of colour! 

Is it your time to shine? Stop hiding behind boring colours and prints, and instead embrace colourful & exotic floral prints! Celebrate your beauty with colours that energise and empower. Go for it, girl!

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