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Barbiecore | The trend turning the world a shade of hot pink

August 29, 2023 | By: Victoria Cowan
Read time: 4 minutes

Tickled pink by Barbiecore 

This season the fashion world has turned pretty in pink, because the latest core-trend to be making the rounds in both high fashion and TikTok, is Barbiecore! From luxury fashion house Valentino sending an entirely hot-pink collection out onto the runway to the reimagining of our favourite childhood doll on the big screen in the shape of Margot Robbie (with everyone’s fave Ryan Reynolds as her love, Ken - basically the prettiest on-screen pairing ever!), this season expect to see pink everywhere you look! Curious about the Barbiecore trend? Well, come on Barbie, let’s go party and read all about the sweetest trend around!

See the world through rose-tinted Barbiecore glasses

Thought pink was only for girly girls? Prim and proper in their soft pink dresses and white cardigans, think again! Because the Barbiecore trend is all about various shades of hot, hotter & hottest pinks. Think girlishly sexy, feminine, alluring and intoxicating woman rather than girly young girl. In a nod to another fashion favourite trend for this year: Dopamine Dressing, Barbiecore also happens to be mood-boosting and happiness-inducing, and above all, super fun! Barbiecore is all about that favourite pink dress from childhood that you used to twirl around in but with a modern and grown-up twist, a total fashion-upgrade. It’s a mix of the nostalgia of your favourite childhood memories playing with your Barbie doll singing along to Aqua, and your fashion knowledge and personal style of 2022. From fuchsia sparkles to sheer hot pink chiffons, watermelon pink denim to bubblegum pink coats, there genuinely is no end to the pink clothing you can rock! 

 "Get your sparkle on. Show this world where you belong. – Barbie

Purple pleated top with pink floral print

On Wednesdays we wear pink

Actually, when it comes to Barbiecore, make that every day we wear pink! Luckily, being a Barbie girl has never been easier, or hotter (hot pink everywhere) than it is now. From pink hair to pink pants, pink corsets to pink accessories, and pink dresses to pink shoes, we’re seeing the world in a pink haze, and we’re not even mad about it! If you’re brave enough to go for pink, and try out the Barbiecore trend, you’ve come to the right place because we love a bit of pink. Barbiecore is all about pure pink, so while we love a colour-blocking moment and think pink and green make a colour combo that is pure chef’s kiss, this is not the right trend for that. Instead, all pink is the way to go! Dare to go head-to-toe pink in a cute pink skorts and pink top combo, or keep things simple in a pink dress. Add some pretty pink beaded bracelets and a pair of platform boots and you’ve got yourself a look Barbie herself would be proud of. If you prefer a more daring look and have never been afraid to fully embrace a trend, we say go hell for (pink) leather and choose a pair of pink jeans or pink leather pants, style with a cool t-shirt and throw over a blazer for head-to-toe pink style. Get inspired by Valentino by choosing all matching shades of pink for a look that’s sure to make a statement, or go for varying shades of pink for a slightly more wearable look.

Pink Aztec teddy gilet

Seeing pink with Barbiecore beauty 

The Barbiecore trend doesn’t just extend to fashion, oh no, beauty has had a Barbie makeover too! Indeed, if you’ve chosen an all-over pink outfit, why would you stop there?! Pink beauty is super wearable, flattering and easy to achieve, plus you can wear pink pretty much across your face. From pretty pink lips to shimmering pink eyes and of course, rosy cheeks, a fresh pink beauty look will give you that perfect Barbie visage. Go for a subtle pink gloss or a punchy fuchsia lipstick on your lips and add an edge to your barbiecore look by pairing those rosy lips with a statement winged eyeliner look.

 "Come on Barbie lets go party." 


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