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Our favourite bikini trend is all about colour

May 14, 2023 | By: Victoria Cowan
Read time: 3 minutes

Colourful bikini style #1: Keep things neutral 

If you imagined super bold & bright colours to be the only right colours for the colourful bikini trend, and were slightly dreading it, don’t worry, ‘cos neutrals are just as hot hot hot! We love our neutral numbers that come in slightly metallic sheens. From coppers to gold, beige to green, black to white, these colours are perfect for girls who like a more natural swimwear look. We can’t help it, we’re crushing hard on these brown bikinis and green bikinis, so so cute! Neutral tones suit every skin tone and will really show off that golden tan, whether natural or bottled(!)

at the pool in puglia 04

Colourful bikini #2: Go bold or go home

When we say bold, we mean bold, think: red, yellow, orange, and pink bikinis. This spring/summer season is all about bold colours, and it’s no different in the bikini style stakes. Colourful bikinis come in all colours, but we’re completely obsessing over pink bikinis, yellow bikinis, orange bikinis and red bikinis in particular. These colours are instant mood boosters and will make you smile as bright as the sun shining over you. Just imagine yourself on the beach, crystal clear seas, white sandy beaches, sun shining bright, and in the midst of all of that is you lying on your pretty beach towel in your bright & colourful bikini. Another great perk of colourful bikinis is how easily you can wear them from the beach to the bar. Simply style over a pair of high waisted linen shorts, an open shirt and metallic sandals and you are good to live it up at the bar! Time to get those cocktail orders in!

 "You can't buy happiness, but you can buy a bikini, and that's pretty close!

Colourful bikini #3: Sweet sweet pastels

Sweet like candy, pastels are a big trend for this year’s spring/summer bikini trends. We love our pastel bikinis that come with cute details like ruffles, jacquard prints and crochet. They’re also completely adjustable to size in the back, which means you can wear them so they’re comfortable to you. 

Coloured bikini trend #4: Prints galore

We couldn’t do a round-up of our favourite colourful bikinis without including our favourite prints too! After all, what’s a trend without a favourite print to match it. This year we’re digging colourful floral print bikinis, cute paisley prints and, the universal fave, leopard print bikinis! Floral prints are a big favourite for a girly beach look, while leopard adds a bit of an edgy vibe to your look. Paisley, meanwhile, is the ultimate boho style statement. Style with denim shorts, white blousesunnies and a cute cap for the ultimate beach babe look!

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