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amour braceletamour bracelet

Top 10 gifts for women

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Mother's Day | Celebrate strong women

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Summer essentials

Which sunglasses will suit your face shape?

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My Jewellery fashion advice

Do you find it difficult to work out which clothes best suit your figure? Or are you uncertain about how to best clean your jewellery? My Jewellery to the rescue! Follow our fashion advice and everything will be fine. We give you the best fashion advice and handy tips in various blogs. Read more in the blogs about the My Jewellery products and the materials from which our items are made. We give you the best fashion tips about which items best suit you. You can also read more about our jewellery than you could have imagined. For example, the best way to clean them or the easiest way to get a knot out of your necklace. In addition to various useful tips and how-to-use blogs, we also have fun information blogs. For example, you can find out here what our healing stones stand for. Take a look at all our blogs on the info & advice page. Who knows, the ultimate fashion advice may be there for you.

The best fashion tips

At My Jewellery, we give you the best fashion tips that are really useful! For example, do you have a super fun watch, but the battery has long since died? Take a look at our blog about replacing your watch battery. After reading the blog, you can easily replace the battery yourself and you don't have to go to a jeweller. This gives you another long time to enjoy your watch! Do you love jewellery but don’t know what colour jewellery you like or what colour suits you? Then take a look at our blog about gold and silver jewellery. This blog describes which colour jewellery suits you best. The colour shades from your wardrobe are taken into account here, but also your skin tone and veins, for example. This is really interesting because you probably didn’t know this yet! Take a look at our styling, editor’s pick and trends page. You will also find the best blogs there! For example, blogs about fashion trends, jewellery trends and accessories trends.

Fashion advice & info

The My Jewellery blog is a real must when you want to be on-trend. Our blog contains the most useful fashion advice for creating the best looks with our jewellery, clothing and accessories. Our blog is divided into different categories. You can choose from styling tips, the latest trends or discovering the best shopping cities in the Netherlands. This info & advice page gives you fashion advice that suits you. There are several blogs about which item of clothing best suits your figure or which jewellery best suits your face. All of our blogs are up-to-date and perfectly reflect the latest trends. Stick to the tips from our blog and you’re guaranteed a trendy look! What more could you want? The My Jewellery info and advice page is super handy for when you need fashion advice about our products. So take a look at this blog page when you’ve scored your swag from My Jewellery. 

Useful fashion tips

Check out our info & advice page for handy tips and tricks about our products. For example, do you want to start using a facial roller, but have no idea how it works? Take a look at our blog about how to best use a facial roller. It’s important that you use the facial roller properly. Not such a fan of a facial roller? Then use our gua sha stones, which work in approximately the same way and provide the same effect. Read our blog in advance about the best way to use the product. This applies to several products, such as caring for your piercings when you have just had them done at one of our boutiques. It is important that this is done properly, otherwise they can get infected, which is naturally something to avoid. Don’t take any risks and read our blog, which describes step-by-step how to best care for your new piercings. So don’t hesitate and quickly check out our info & advice blogs. 


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