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Top 10 Gifts for Women

November 16, 2023 | By: Victoria Cowan
Read time: 5 minutes

Top 10 of the best gifts for women 

My Jewellery is the best place to shop gifts for women, and to give a little more context to our top 10 gifts for women, enjoy our guide to the best 10 gifts that any woman would love to have. Whether she is a mother, friend, sister, or girlfriend, she deserves the best! Make her feel extra especial with an unforgettable gift with our most beloved jewellery.


  • Best gifts for women #1: Initial Necklace

If you’re looking for a lovely gift for her, look no further than a personal gift idea: fun to give & to receive! Our number 1 gift tip for mums, lovers, best friends, daughters, sisters or anyone else looking for the perfect gift for her is a unique necklace with her initials in gold or silver. A unique initial necklace from our Initial collection would be just the perfect addition to her jewellery stash. It comes beautifully packed and there are other options for you to choose from, what do you think about an initial necklace with rhinestones? You can choose to use your own initial or of your mum, girlfriend or friends, and you’ll always be close together. If you ask us, this would definitely be number 1 in the top 10 gifts for women!

  • Best gifts for women #2: Engraved jewellery by My Jewellery Atelier

Nothing says I love you more than a piece of personally engraved jewellery! Our My Jewellery Atelier offers you the incredible opportunity to get our timeless pieces of jewellery engraved with up to 4 initials of your loved ones. Have our Atelier create you a uniquely engraved ring, engraved necklace, engraved bracelet or engraved earrings. Make your jewellery & your gift for women extra special and get it engraved! 

  • Best gifts for women #3: Angel numbers jewellery 

The guide of life! Our new angel numbers collection definitely deserves a high spot in the top 10 gift ideas for women. Combine spirituality with jewellery for a meaningful jewellery party! Calculate her angel number first by using our angel number guide and you're ready to give a meaningful and unique present that she’ll never forget.

  • Best gifts for women #4: Custom collection jewellery

Give a personal jewellery item with charms that perfectly matches her unique personality! Whether it's a necklace or bracelet, this gift for women is one of our favourite choices for gifts for women. Customise your own charm necklace or charm bracelet with the Custom Collection charms. We couldn't skip this meaningful jewellery collection in our top 10 gifts for women, is there anything more beautiful than gifting a piece of jewellery that matches someone's personality perfectly?! 

  • Best gifts for women #5: Advent calendar 

Our limited edition of Advent calendars ranks number five on our top 10 best gifts for women. They come in 2 styles and are presented in a brand-new look this year, featuring on-trend coffee table books! Will you surprise your loved one with the party or timeless edition? Or do you want to go all out with your gift and go for both? The choice is always yours! And trust us, she’ll adore it.

  • Best gifts for women #6: Birth flower jewellery

Looking for a beautiful and meaningful gift? Check out our birth flower jewellery, available in a birth flower necklaces, bracelets & birth flower rings. Fun to receive, even better to give! Every birth month correlates with its own birth flower, and we bet you wanna find out more about your birth flowers and their meaning! Which gift from our top 10 Gifts for women is your favourite so far?

  • Best gifts for women #7: Heart Jewellery

A heart is the ultimate symbol of love which is why a heart necklace or heart bracelet are some of the most loving gifts a woman could receive. Hence they are seventh-placed in our top 10 gifts for her. Because, simply put, every woman would be ecstatic if she were to receive such a loving message. Is your mum, sister, friend or girlfriend more of a bracelet kinda woman? Go for a gorgeous heart bracelet & you’ve definitely scored the best gift! A subtle heart necklace is a personal favourite gift for her, but heart earrings are also pretty special!

  • Best gifts for women #8: Gemstone rings

What's not to love about gemstone rings? Cocktail rings happen to be one of the biggest jewellery trends for the year, and we have a sneaky suspicion your loved one will love being an on-trend fashionista with her choice of jewellery. So pick a stone you think she'll like, and surprise her with a beautiful gemstone ring that symbolises the strong bond you share!

  • Best gifts for women #9: Birth stone jewellery

A birth stone ring from our birth month collection is a very special item to give your giftee! Birth stones are semi-precious stones that represent every month of the year, so special! They also possess their own special meaning and power, which we absolutely love! Want to know what your loved one birth stone is so you can surprise her with all the unique facts? Look no further than our blog on the meaning of birth stones, guaranteed to contain some enlightening info on your loved one and everyone else in your life!

  • Best gifts for women #10: Jewellery set

What could be better than a jewellery set you can both wear? A sign of connection and, obvs, love! A bracelet from our Forever Connected collection is one of our bestsellers & is a perfect gift idea. Looking to surprise the greatest woman in your life with a gift that represents your connection? Take a look at the other options of the collection to keep your loved one close to your heart, exactly where she deserves to be, with these favourite long-lasting & timeless pieces.   

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