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Eyeliner: the dos & don'ts

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How to achieve the doe eyed makeup look | eye-popping bambi eyes! 

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Inspiration for wedding makeup

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Additional to information, advice, trends and styling tips, My Jewellery also likes to keep you up to date on the latest beauty trends. Do you want to stay in the know with clothing, accessories, jewellery & beauty? Definitely take a look at our blog! Apart from other categories, we also have the self-care blog. This blog contains all the ins and outs concerning makeup. With the My Jewellery beauty collection, we would like to inspire everyone to take more time for self-care. Taking care of yourself is super important! That is why the self-care blogs are written to let your inner & outer beauty shine. Embrace beauty with these blogs & products! Let it inspire you and discover our self-care blogs.

Makeup looks

Time to sparkle! Create an impressive makeup look for your date night, an all-day makeup look, for a party look. Our blogs will provide you with a helping hand so that you can create the most beautiful makeup looks. Products from the beauty collection enable you to make spectacular makeup looks. Many of our beauty products are multi-use beauty products, for example, mascara and eyeliner in one. With these products, the possibilities to create make-up looks are endless. Do you enjoy glamming up with the prettiest makeup creations? Then you should definitely take a look at the My Jewellery blog. Do you also want to know more about stying or trends, apart from self-care? We highly recommend reading those blog pages as well. Especially the page info & advice will give you the best tips. 

The latest beauty trends

My Jewellery likes keeping you up to date on the latest self-care trends. You will therefore find the latest makeup trends on this blog page. From the on-trend gua sha stones to eyeshadow trends. You name it, we tell it! Have a look at our blogs, read about the latest beauty trends and immediately shop our on-trend items. We’re all about the latest trends in terms of beauty and makeup. Bright coloured makeup is a hit again, and we love us some colour! But don’t forget the natural looks. There’s enough to discover in this blog. The most important thing is that you find what you’re looking for. Read our self-care blogs to get inspired and shop your favourite items, that way, you will for sure shine the rest of your day.

A moment for yourself

Light a candle, fill up a warm bath, read a good book or watch a show; these are a few of the ultimate self-care moments for many. There are many more moments that you can create for yourself. We’ll simplify it with this self-care blog. For instance, you can read how to use the gua sha stone. We believe you shine when you feel happy! Self-care moments are not there to be created just for yourself, but you can also share these moments with your friends. A deep conversation, trying out makeup looks on each other and a nice drink. But glamming up before a party all by yourself can also feel like a self-care moment. A beautiful soft glam look gives you a happy feeling and you’ll shine for sure. Time to shine & to take care of yourself. Read our blog and discover more about self-care.