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What your zodiac says about your personal style

Styling blogs with My Jewellery

It’s always such a difficult thing: so many new necklaces, but how do you combine them together? Or you’ve passed your exams, and you’re not sure exactly what to wear to your graduation ceremony? You will definitely find out with styling and tips from My Jewellery. This page has the most diverse styling blogs about how you can wear or combine specific items. Take, for example, a hair scarf. This accessory is super popular at the moment, but how can you actually style this item? We will tell you! This page also includes styling blogs from which you can get outfit inspiration for different occasions. Have you been invited to a wedding? No stress, because when you use the styling tips in the wedding outfit inspiration blog, your outfit will be complete in no time! It doesn’t matter whether your style is feminine, cool, classy or casual, because My Jewellery has thought of everyone. There are styling tips for different styles so that everyone can get inspiration from the styling blogs.

Styling tips for your favourite items

The selection from My Jewellery is supplemented daily with new trendy items. As a fashion lover, you will, of course, keep a close eye on these additions. You see lots of fun earrings coming online and think: I have to have them! But how do you combine all of these fun earrings with each other? We’ve got your back! Styling tips about exactly how to make a fun ear party can be found in our styling blog. We discuss different styles of ear parties here so that there are always styling tips that suit your own style. Besides this styling blog, there are plenty of other styling blogs with styling tips from which you can draw your inspiration. For example, we tell you how you can style your ear cuffs, but also how you can combine co-ords. Using the styling tips from My Jewellery, you know exactly how to style your favourite items and you always look on-trend. Keep a close eye on the My Jewellery blog because new articles are published online on a regular basis. This way you remain fully informed about the latest styling tips!

In style with our styling tips

It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re going to a party, a festival, a wedding or have a fun evening planned to catch up with girlfriends, because our styling blog has styling tips for different occasions. We at My Jewellery are only too happy to share with you the best styling blogs with tips and inspiration so that you are always in style. For example, do you know how to style sweatpants? In particular, you can create stylish looks with sweatpants. Classy, casual, comfy: it's all possible! Ideal when you want to go for a comfortable and trendy look. In addition to clothing and jewellery styling tips, we also have styling tips for accessories. How fun is it, for example, to personalise your passport case, water bottle or phone case? In our styling blog ‘DIY: Personalise all your accessories’, you can read how to do this! There are also styling tips for face masks, phone cords and more on this page. You are totally in style from head to toe with My Jewellery’s styling tips!

Let My Jewellery inspire you

At My Jewellery, we are happy to inspire girls/ladies who have the same great passion for fashion as we do. That is why you’ll find the best styling blogs on this page, where we provide you with styling advice and tips and inspiration. Think of My Jewellery as a girlfriend you can always turn to for styling tips and advice. influencers also love to share their My Jewellery outfits with you. Take a look, for example, at our swimwear or summer outfit inspiration blog and let yourself be inspired by all of the beautiful photos and styling tips there. Don’t be afraid to give your own twist. In addition to styling blogs, we also have plenty of other blogs for you. The My Jewellery blog is divided into five different categories: info and advice, styling, trends, and editor’s pick. The main My Jewellery blog has the most recent articles, to which new blogs are added each week. This way, you have plenty to read and you’ll keep up-to-date in terms of fashion. Have fun reading!