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The ultimate guide to a soft glam makeup look

By Victoria Cowan, 25 August 2022

A soft glam makeup look is so hot right now! The soft glam makeup look is the perfect go-between from the barely-there beauty trend & the full glam makeup look. More radiant and flattering than the barely-there look, but more delicate and dewy than the full-on glam look, it's a universally flattering makeup look that you need to have in your makeup arsenal. Discover the My Jewelley beauty collection and find all the best beauty products, and then simply follow the steps in this ultimate guide on how to apply the perfect soft glam makeup look! 

What is soft glam makeup?

A soft glam makeup look is everywhere right now! This step up from barely-there-makeup is a lovely, glamorous makeup look that’s universally flattering, looks great on all skin tones and is relatively easy to achieve, basically, it’s the ultimate makeup look to learn and master! The most important rule when it comes to the soft glam makeup look is that it doesn’t over-power you. Remember: you’re wearing the makeup, it isn’t wearing you! Soft glam is still glam, but overall it’s dewier, softer and feels lighter & airier than your traditional glam look. While we love a full-on glam makeup look, let’s be honest who doesn’t, when it comes to a soft glam look there’s no place for heavily drawn on brows, blinding highlighter or a killer red lip. Instead think radiant beauty with diffused face makeup, neutral & glossy lips, brushed eyebrows and dewy skin for the ultimate soft glam makeup look.

What do you need for soft glam makeup?

The soft glam makeup look is characterised by being soft and dewy, it’s all about getting that beautifully blended, effortlessly glam look without being too harsh or angular. The easiest way to achieve this blended look is to use creamy, blendable makeup with a slight shine to it, but nothing too sparkly, dark or glittery. So what exactly do you need for a soft glam makeup look? Well, start with the basics, a great set of tools is the best place to start. To achieve the blended look the soft glam makeup look is known for, you’ll need good buffing brushes and sponges, for a flawless finish. Follow this up with good quality makeup products in different textures: think a primer, a good mattifying powder, a creamy blush, liquid highlighter, cream eyeshadow and light-coverage foundation. Using creamy & liquid products makes it easier to gently blend, thereby achieving that perfectly radiant, airbrushed finish.

How to apply soft glam makeup?

There are a number of different steps to take to achieve that perfectly flawless soft glam makeup look, let’s get into the basics!

1. Prepped skin

The secret to good makeup is well prepped skin! Make sure your skin is thoroughly cleansed, moisturised & primed. Mix your moisturiser with some highlighter for luminant skin, then use some light primer to refine the appearance of pores, and before you know it you’ve got the perfect base for a flawless, polished soft glam makeup look. 

2. Soft & natural colours are the way to a soft glam look

The whole idea of a soft glam look is to look super polished and put together but without caking on the makeup. A neutral and natural pallet will help you achieve just that. It’s still totally okay to wear foundation and colour contour your face but keep the colours relatively light and blend them really well, either with your fingers (the heat from your fingers will help the colours blend in well) or with a buffing brush, so you don’t see any lines or creases. Remember, subtlety is key!  

3. Setting is your friend

The best way to achieve a nicely blended, airbrushed finish is by setting your makeup as you go along. The soft glam makeup look is all about that radiant & even finish, and it’s natural for your face to get oily as you’re working on it, so by touching it up with a good translucent powder, you’ll set the look, get rid of the sheen and make it easier to buff the rest of your makeup.  

4. Blend, blend, blend

A soft glam makeup look is all about creating that ultimate soft and radiant visage. Repeating the blending and buffing process is the best way to achieve that look. Buff, layer, blend and repeat, that’s the motto to remember! 

5. Patience is key

While we absolutely love the soft glam makeup look as it’s relatively easy & statement-making, it does require a level of patience. Take the time to map out your face and lightly trace and accentuate your features. This look is all about a seamless finish, so you don’t want any harsh contour lines, which is why taking the time to really blend, buff and swirl your makeup will give you the best results.

Soft glam party makeup look

We love a good party, whatever the occasion, and while there are many times we want to go for a full on glam makeup look, with a statement lip or killer smoky eye, there are also times when you want to look put together and party ready, without having to put in quite so much effort. Enter: the soft glam party makeup look.  The soft glam makeup look is the perfect party makeup look, if you ask us. A soft glam party makeup look is super flattering, looks great with all kinds of party outfits & best of all, it’s far less time consuming than a full glam makeup look. Oh, and one last perk, no need to keep checking and touching up those bright red lips, because your soft glam makeup look is much more low maintenance. We love a natural smoky eye with soft neutral hues blended and buffed to perfection, add a neautral glossy lip and perfectly radiant skin and you've got the perfect soft glam party makeup look. Get ready to wow everyone at your next party! 

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