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Fall colours | 13 shades you need in your autumn wardrobe

The 11 best & biggest fall trends for 2022

9x Cool girl party outfit ideas

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pink bikinipink bikini

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The hottest bikini trends

pink bikinipink bikini

Our favourite bikini trend is all about colour

Ibiza style trends 2022

The latest fashion & jewellery trends

My Jewellery fashion trends

We would not be My Jewellery if we didn’t keep you informed of the latest fashion trends. Check out this blog page and read all about the latest fashion trends, swimwear trends, bikini trends and much more! At My Jewellery, we think it is very important that all our items are designed according to the latest trends. You are guaranteed a trendy look with every item from My Jewellery. But do you want to keep really up-to-date with the fashion trends? Then check out our blog! Besides general fashion trends, at My Jewellery we also provide the best bikini trends, swimwear trends, Ibiza trends and ton sur ton trends. Have you scored your trendy items but find it difficult to combine them? Then take a look at our styling or info & advice page. We give you the best tips there to combine your trendy items with each other! So read all our blogs and make sure that your wardrobe has the best fashion trends that suit you! 

The greatest jewellery trends

Besides trendy clothing, My Jewellery also has the most beautiful trendy jewellery. Take a look at our blog about the best jewellery trends now. All jewellery from My Jewellery is designed according to the latest trends. That way you are always guaranteed to have a trendy look with our jewellery. From rings to chains and from bracelets to earrings. We’ve got it all! A huge advantage of all our jewellery is that most of it is made of stainless steel. This material does not discolour, is 100% waterproof and not easily damaged. Perfect! Because most jewellery trends come back after a few years. And this material keeps your jewellery beautiful for years! At My Jewellery, we are happy to inform you of the latest jewellery trends. Shell jewellery and vintage jewellery are major trends now. We love these trends. That is why we are only too happy to inform you about these fashion trends. View our blogs about the best jewellery trends and shop for your favourite items at My Jewellery!

The latest fashion trends

At My Jewellery, we love keeping you informed of the latest fashion trends. This page contains all this year’s fashion trends. From jewellery to accessories and clothing. This blog page presents a list of all the fashion trends. Check out the blogs, read about the latest trends and then shop our trendy items. We love all of this year’s trends. For example, ruffle clothing, bucket hats and personal jewellery. Shop items that suit you. Following the latest trends is great fun, of course. But the most important thing is that you feel good in your My Jewellery look. Check out our blogs and select the trends that suit you. Then shop your favourite items and you are guaranteed a trendy My Jewellery look. All blogs are kept up-to-date. That means you won’t miss any trends and you can be sure that the blogs you read are completely correct. Have you already checked out our trend page? 

Accessory trends & jewellery trends

In addition to the best jewellery trends and fashion trends, we at My Jewellery also have a blog about this year's most trendy accessories. For example, bucket hats, facial rollers and the best phone cords. We’ve got it all! In addition to a general blog about our accessories, we also have several specific blogs. For example, there is a blog about sunglasses trends and one about how you can mix and match handles to your bag. Enough trendy tips from My Jewellery to make your look as on-trend as possible. The nice thing about accessories and jewellery is that you can match them with each other. Mix and match and check out our accessory trends and jewellery trends blog. Check out the trends that appeal to you and match the items from the trends with each other. Absolutely lovely! And we know for sure that you will receive many compliments about this fashionable look. Become a real trendsetter with the best items from My Jewellery! Get on-trend and check out our trendy blog page.