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How to wash & care | Special fabrics

  • Viscose: Products made of viscose tend to shrink naturally from washing. After washing, you can bring these items back into shape by steaming or ironing them.
  • Sweaters and cardigans tend to pill. So, make sure you don’t wash these items together with sharp objects, like buttons or zippers. Or use a laundry bag!
  • Cotton: Never let cotton dry in bright sunlight, this fabric is easily discoloured. 
  • Wool: Items containing wool should never be spun on a high setting. This can make your garment shrink two sizes. Also, never hang woolen clothing on a hanger, as it will lose its shape.
  • Synthetic fabrics: Use fabric softener to make these fabrics less electrostatic.
  • Polyester and polyamide: Try to avoid using clothes pegs as much as possible, as they can leave very visible marks on the fabric.