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As a brand we’re all about grabbing our chances and learning from others, and we firmly believe that actions lead to amazing things! Our collaboration with the creative SintLucas college is one such amazing thing. This collaboration was a new step & challenge for us but it led to some amazing results that we’re really proud of! Keep reading our blog to discover all the amazing creations & find out more about our journey to a more sustainable future.

13 June 2023 | By Victoria Cowan
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Our sustainable jewellery journey

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important aspect in life, so too at My Jewellery, so this year, we took our first steps towards a more circular and sustainable journey. We market hundreds of thousands of jewellery items every year, all of which are made from premium stainless steel which means not only do they not tarnish or discolour, they are also easy to recycle. Unfortunately, this hardly happens in our industry. Which is why we have decided to start collecting second-hand jewellery, which doesn’t happen in the market yet. Experience shows that it always takes some time before people become aware of these new sustainable measures, which is why we decided to participate in a new collaboration with SintLucas college to see how we can raise awareness of a more sustainable jewellery product-cycle and encourage our customers to donate their used jewellery.

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My Jewellery x SintLucas Sustainability Project

My Jewellery teamed up with the creative students at SintLucas and asked them: how can we create awareness of B-choice jewellery among our customers? And how can we get our customers to re-celebrate valuable resources like premium stainless steel by donating their used jewellery to be re-/up-cycled?

We gave the students 7 weeks to create new statement pieces, while keeping a close collaborative attitude throughout. During the process the students paid our HQ a visit and we went to see them at their inspiring school, and we’re so excited about what they came up with! We truly believe these pieces will inspire you to re-celebrate your jewellery!

If you have any old pieces of jewellery that you think deserve a new lease of life, come and donate them at one of our boutiques and re-celebrate your jewellery with us!

"Embrace more, embrace better, embrace the future!

SintLucas Creations - Upcycle Project

An ode to women

As a brand My Jewellery is all about making women happy with their mission to “celebrate the small moments”. This statement piece was designed to encourage people to keep their used jewellery and donate it to My Jewellery to give it a second lease of life. Afterall, it’s the best way to make women happy! I created a piece of abstract art that mirrors a woman’s body, styled with all the right jewellery, of course!

Created by: Lise Bierens

Celebrate in a sparkling headpiece 

This headpiece was created by combining returned and broken My Jewellery items with some old vintage jewellery that used to be my grandma's. This headpiece proves that you don’t have to throw out your old jewellery pieces, instead, by getting a little creative you can easily create an entirely new accessory! I care a lot about women’s rights and equality so when creating this piece I was heavily inspired by the roaring 20s. The 20s were all about women all around the world fighting for women's rights and equal social status, and this headpiece really tries to capture the feeling of the extravagant parties, but more importantly the feminine edge of the roaring 20s. 

Created by: Jans Verheijen

Sparkle It Up

You don’t always have to wear the most out-there party outfit to stand out in your daily life! This statement belt, made from B-choice jewellery, is the perfect item to turn your everyday look into a true eyecatcher. This belt exudes sparkle, power, happiness and love, and it’s made from all of your own jewellery which means you can personalise it however you want. Create your own statement & make your own party, every day.

Created by: Dewi Linskens

Sparkle your sight & see the sustainability

My Jewellery is keen on making their business more sustainable and in doing so, they want to encourage customers to be more involved in sustainability too. My concept is a pair of statement glasses made from B-choice jewellery designed to create this awareness. I want to open people’s eyes and show them how they can be more sustainable. Sustainability is becoming more important and that should be seen, so “sparkle your sight & see the sustainability”.

Created by: Ilse Bartels

Everyone can wear a crown like a queen

Introducing a new sparkling headpiece: a sustainable and on-trend item made from B-choice jewellery and recycled clothing. This sparkling headpiece exudes femininity & confidence, turning every woman into the queen she really is! Embracing the values of reusing and recycling, this unique design showcases the magic of B-jewellery. By giving B-jewellery and old clothing a new lease of life, this sparkling headpiece leaves a smaller footprint and contributes to a more sustainable fashion industry. Celebrate the small moments with this unique statement piece adorned with beads, pearls and a variety of chains! 

 Created by: Julia Laurense

Time pressure showpiece

My Jewellery is all about celebrating life, and it’s really important to them that future generations will have something to celebrate too, which is why My Jewellery is trying to raise awareness among its customers about the environmental crisis. The time has come for us all to all make better & more sustainable choices, which is why this showpiece was created purely from B-choice jewellery such as watches and chains. The watch faces symbolise the time pressure we face to tackle the environmental crisis. 

Created by: Roos van Raaij


I created this project as a symbol of unity. Hands represent connection and are a symbol of greeting. Since the pandemic, people haven’t been able to use their hands for connection and contact as much as they used to, which is why it’s my goal to reconnect people with my statement piece. 

Sustainability is a very important factor for us which is another reason I chose to represent hands in this statement piece. Actions can only be made by using your own hands, so I want to encourage people to use them for a more sustainable and better environment. By donating your old jewellery, you can help us to achieve a better world in which people recycle more!

Created by: Timo van Zundert

Mix up your jewellery

Mixing and matching old jewellery is a creative and innovative way of expressing your personal style. By styling and combining tired pieces of jewellery in new ways you can come up with some truly special and meaningful pieces that reflect your unique taste. This concept provides a fresh perspective on jewellery that focuses mainly on exploring old pieces and finding new ways to wear them. 

Created by: Sil van der Gronden

Pearl Denim Bralette

The Pearl Denim Bralette is a statement piece of clothing, entirely made from B-choice jewellery and denim, making it perfect for festival season. This sustainable yet on-trend bralette exudes confidence and offers a flattering fit with plenty of support. By embracing the concepts of reusing and recycling, this unique design contributes to a more circular and conscious fashion world. Wear this Pearl Denim Bralette at your next festival and shimmer like a pearl! 

Created by: Yana van Dingenen

Embracing the valuable

Nowadays, everyone is looking to continuously expand their jewellery collection, and who can blame them?! Don’t we all want to look our best in a range of all the best and most on-trend new items? But when you really stop to think about it, these actions are harming our environment.

So, what if I told you we could do things differently! I designed a statement piece centred around the idea of: “embracing the valuable”, which I hope will inspire people to rethink the value of one simple piece of jewellery. Embrace the valuable and don’t simply throw away ‘old’ jewellery, because these pieces still have value. 

Created by: Zayra Van Lindt

Awareness reflection

This is a unique mirror made from old My Jewellery jewellery. The jewellery is shaped into hearts: the symbol of love. I wanted to inspire everyone to put love out into the world because that’s exactly what My Jewellery does too. It’s because of that love they are also conscious about recycling and becoming more sustainable, so donate your old jewellery and clothing so they can be given a new lease of life. 

Look within yourself: what are you doing to make the world a little bit better?

Created by: Lieke Hendrikx

Nature’s ways

I wanted to use my jewellery piece to show that nature is about more than just leaves, shells are part of nature too, and as such, are a large part of this assignment. I’ve tried to provide a new way of looking at your jewellery by showing people that you don’t need to donate your old jewellery when you’ve grown tired of it, instead you can get creative with other materials to upcycle your jewellery piece into something new & fresh. By upcycling your existing pieces, you’re contributing to saving the planet. 

Created by: Romy Vogels

See the sustainable items for yourself!

Interested in seeing all the wonderful creations the Sint Lucas students came up with in person? Our Flagship Store in Eindhoven has been turned into a true art scene with an exhibition of their work, and explanation of our Re-Celebrate concept, in amongst all the latest fashion and jewellery. Come and visit our boutique and get inspired by their creations! Our Eindhoven Boutique also offers the opportunity to donate old/unwanted clothing, so bring a bag, get inspired & get a voucher to spend in store as well! We can't wait to show you everything and inspire you to celebrate our planet & re-celebrate your used items! The exhibition is on until 30th June 2023. so don't wait too long to come & see us at:

My Jewellery Flagship Store Eindhoven
Nieuwe Emmasingel 44-46
5611 AM Eindhoven

Small steps = big changes!

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