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The dos & don'ts of using mascara

By Victoria Cowan, 22 October 2021

Mascara is an absolutely unmissable beauty product in any girl's makeup stash! It's what you use to create amazing, sweeping lashes for a doe-eyed look but mascara can be trickier to use than you might anticipate, which is why you need this guide to the dos & don'ts of using mascara. 

Mascara don'ts

Let's start with the 5 main don'ts of applying mascara

1. Too much mascara
Too much mascara is never a good look! The best way to apply your mascara for long & full lashes is to layer your mascara on. Try not to apply more than one or two layers though, because more than that and you could end up with clumpy lashes which look remarkably like spider legs and that's a scary though!....brrr

2. Shelf life

You might not expect it, but mascara has a shelf life, which is usually stamped on the packaging. A general rule of thumb for the use-by-date for a mascara is around three to five months. You have to remember that every time you open and use your mascara brush bacteria are transferred into your mascara. A good way to test whether your mascara is still alright to use is by opening it up and if it makes a popping sound you're good to go! If not, you're probably better off buying a new one. 

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3. Use waterproof every day

 Waterproof mascara Is notoriously difficult to remove from your eyes, and it tends to require a lot of rubbing which is really bad for the skin around your eyes. That's why it's always best to only use waterproof mascara when it's absolutely necessary, like when you're cycling through the rain or going swimming. 

4. Don't lend your mascara

Imagine this: you're getting ready to go out & party with your girls, when your bestie asks if she can borrow your mascara and without thinking you give her your mascara to use. Sounds familiar right? But it's really not a good idea to lend out your mascara. Bacteria can easily be spread by sharing mascara, which can result in nasty infections, and no one wants that! 

5. Pump your mascara brush

Try not to pump your mascara brush up and down the bottle too much as this means lots of air gets into the mascara, making it dry and clumpy. If your mascara has gone all clumpy, you can try to rescue it with some eye drops. 


Let’s do this! These are the 5 mascara dos . 

1. Budget mascaras

It's a total myth that mascara needs to be expensive! While everyone has their personal preferences when it comes to mascara, price does not necessarily mean quality when it comes to mascara. If you're still looking for your perfect mascara, trying out budget mascaras could be the way to go. 

2. Lash curlers

Always use a lash curler before applying your mascara. A neat trick is to warm up your lash curlers with a hairdryer (not too hot!) for perfectly curled lashes! Remember never to curl your lashes after applying mascara though, as this could damage your lashes. 

3. Zig-zag

The way you apply your mascara is different for everyone, depending on your personal preference. But one of our preferred ways is to make a zig-zag movement over your lashes, this is the best way for spreading out the mascara evenly across your lashes for ultimate volume and a doe-eyed look! 

4. Always remove your makeup

Removing your makeup after a night out is bound to be exhausting, but it's also so necessary! It's really damaging for your lashes to leave your mascara on over-night. That's why you should always use good eye-makeup remover, but try not to rub too hard! As this is both damaging to the skin around your eyes and your lashes. 

5. Primer

Primer isn't absolutely necessary, but it does give a beautiful effect. Plus, a primer will strengthen your lashes and make you mascara last all day!


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