Which eyebrow shape suits your face best?

By Victoria Cowan, 21 December 2021

Everyone loves a great set of eyebrows, but did you know that, much like your eyes,  your eyebrows are sisters to each other, not twins? That’s to say that your eyebrows will always differ from each other and it’s pointless trying to get them to match perfectly. Of course, in passing you won’t notice, but when you get down to the serious business of shaping your eyebrows you’ll notice slight differences in shape, and possibly hair density. But, your eyebrows are actually super important to your face. These sisters partly determine your expression and appearance, so knowing which shape suits you best, and how to style them properly, is actually quite important! We’re here to tell you everything about various eyebrow shapes, so you can determine which eyebrow shape suits you best!

Natural brow shape

The first step is to determine your natural eyebrow arch. So, grab yourself an eyebrow pencil and follow these easy steps to determine your brow shape, so you can learn to draw, shape or pluck them properly.

Step 1: where your eyebrow starts

Place your eyebrow pencil at the outer edge of the wing of your nostril and guide it straight up to your eyebrow. This is where your brow begins.

Step 2: the highest point of your eyebrow arch

Guide your eyebrow pencil from the wing of your nostril towards the outer edge of your pupil and straight up. The first point it reaches on your eyebrow is the highest point of your eyebrow arch.

Step 3: the end of your eyebrow

To determine the outer edge of your eyebrow, simply hold the pencil straight out from your nostril towards the outer corner of your eye. The point where your pencil meets your eyebrow is the natural end of your brow. 

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Brows to match your face shape

It’s all about the face! So, first thing’s first, figuring out your exact face shape. There are actually a surprising amount of different face shapes around, and each has a different style of eyebrows that best suits them, so we’ve put together a handy guide. Check out whether your face is oval, round, long, square, heart-shaped or diamond with our tips here:

Face shape #1: oval

● Your forehead is wider than your chin
● Clearly defined cheekbones
● Wider forehead leads into a narrow chin

Go for a soft and slightly arching eyebrow shape. This means the brow goes up and gently arches from top to bottom.

Face shape #2: round

●  Your face is equally long as it is wide
● Your cheeks are your widest feature

Arching your eyebrows up as high as possible will make your face look less round. Make sure not to make your eyebrows too rounded either, as this too will accentuate the roundness.

Face shape #3: long

● Forehead, jawline and cheekbones are equally wide
● Your face slowly blends into an oval & narrow chin

Horizontal lines will make your face look shorter, so go for quite straight brow shape.

Face shape #4: square

● Your forehead, jawline and cheekbones are equally wide
● Your jawline is the widest part of your face

You have a very angular face, so make sure to create an angular brow as well. Your jawline is your defining feature, so make sure your brows are just as strong. Go for a thick and dark colour and shape. A sharp corner at the top of your eyebrow will really make a strong statement. Looking to soften your face instead? In that case, a more gentle round shape is best.

Face shape #5: heart

● Looks like an oval
● Chin is narrow and pointed

 You lovely thing! Soften your appearance with a rounded brow. The point of your chin is the bottom of the heart, and you can use your rounded brows to mimic the round tops of a heart shape.

Face shape #6: diamond

● Angular face
Short forehead
● Your temples are your widest feature

Gently curving or rounded eyebrows would probably suit your best. Round lines create a softening effect and will give the appearance of narrower temples.


Now you know which natural eyebrow shapes suit your face shape best. And we can imagine you want to get started straight away with all the eyebrow shaping tools you’ve got stashed away in your beauty stash! Read our other blogs and discover exactly how to create the perfect brows. Good luck, and remember they are sisters, not twins!

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