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Linen clothing - how to wear the trend this season

April 17, 2023 | By: Victoria Cowan
Read time: 4 minutes

Hot linen summer has arrived!

Just in case you missed fashion’s renewed obsession with linen, we thought we’d give you a whirlwind update on everything you’ve missed. The linen clothing trend is popping up all over the place, and we’re so there for it. Holidays planned? Linen clothing! Day at the beach? Linen clothing! Fancy dinner with your gang? Linen clothing! Yep, you guessed it, linen clothing is set to become your go-to for every summer event this season! It is genuinely the answer to all of your style questions. Just look around at all the street style babes and you’ll notice they’ve taken to linen like a duck to water. It’s chic, it’s stylish, it’s effortless, and it just so happens to be super airy and comfortable too, making it absolutely ideal for hot summer days.

Linen: your new everyday essential

Some trends come and go, but we can pretty much guarantee that this trend is here to stay because it just has way too many things going for it. From being airy and light-weight so it won’t get you too hot & flustered (even after spotting those hottie lifeguards on the beach) to being effortless and stylish for all other summer events, this is sure to become your new everyday essential. Even thrifting-queens and mother earth girls will appreciate linen as it’s a sustainable natural product known for being super durable! See, linen really is such a winner! Also, one final fun fact about our favourite material of the summer, linen is self-healing. So, it actually contains properties that heal wounds quicker, is dustproof and has massaging qualities, all of which means that linen is super good for sensitive skin. Sounds pretty amazing right?! But enough about all of the amazing qualities of linen, because we genuinely could go on for days, you’re here to find out how best to style linen. So, let’s get to it!

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Live the linen lifestyle!

Say goodbye to outfit stress, because when you’ve got linen in your closet all doubt will be gone. Now, the question is, how do you put together the ultimate aesthetic linen look? Let’s start with the basics, a linen women’s suit is the perfect choice. It might be like taking the easy way out, but actually a women’s suit is a classic for a reason. Play it safe by styling it with a white singlet or spice up the look with a lacey bralet, finish off with chunky sneakers and you’ve got yourself the ultimate cool girl fit. Of course, there’s loads more different linen outfit options to choose from! For instance, beach days call for loose-fit linen pants paired with your favourite bikini top and an on-trend belly chain, and don’t forget the matching linen blazer for when that sea breeze gets a little chilly. If you’re looking for a more casual everyday linen look, we’ve got a feeling you might love a linen skirt paired with a basic white t-shirt and simple sandals, such a great summer outfit! For those who want to party a little in their linen outfit, a crop top and shorts co-ord is the perfect solution. So there ya go, so many linen clothing options, so little time to wear ’em all.

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How to nail the linen look?

The secret to nailing any look is to add all the best & cutest jewellery and accessories. If you’ve got your eye on a linen playsuit (we feel ya!) the perfect way to style it is with a great necklace party. Meanwhile, the easiest way to elevate your linen co-ord set is by adding a great bag to complete the fit. The final step? Makeup of course! A neutral trend such as linen calls for a minimalist makeup look, because you want your on-trend, cool girl fit to do all the talking. Make sure your face looks absolutely glowing with moisturiser, a little breathable foundation, some blush & highlighter and finish off with lashings of mascara for the ultimate summer makeup look. Or, if you’re looking to add a touch of colour to your neutral look, go for a classic red lip which works so well with a classic linen look. And there you have it, all the secrets to nailing the ultimate cool girl summer linen look! Go try it out & tag us on socials cos we can’t wait to see how you make this look your own!


 "I love linen in soothing colours for every look of the week"

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