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The best wedding gifts

August 30, 2023 | By: Valery Rasmijn
Read time: 4 minutes

What gift can I bring to a wedding?

Regardless of the occasion, looking for a gift is always nerve wracking. Especially for a wedding, all sorts of questions can  pop up to your head. What could be considered an appropriate and unforgettable wedding gift? What would they like? For your luck, we have taken the job to show you one-of-a-kind gifts that the newlyweds will absolutely adore.

Atelier 36

Engraved jewellery for newlyweds close to your heart

A wedding could be considered as one of those few moments where your life feels magical, it’s a life-changing event. And life changing events of that kind require a memorable gift,especially when someone is close to you. Whether it is a friend or a family member, what better wedding gift than a personalised piece of engraved jewellery full of meaning for the love birds?

We love to see our clients telling their own stories and creating new memories with our jewellery; thus, our number one wedding gift idea would be to have a personalised piece of jewellery created for the lovely couple.  The Atelier collection includes stainless jewellery that can engrave up to 4 letters in a precious gold or silver piece of jewellery of your choice. Within this collection you can find engraved necklaces , bracelets , earrings  and rings and add your personal touch to make it more special. The best gifts are those who have an emotional meaning behind, and wedding gift wise, you could think about engraving the wedding date or the couple initials. Feel free to be creative, because regardless of what you choose with our collection, the one thing for sure is that it would be a memorable gift full of meaning that your beloved ones would cherish forever.

Meaningful wedding gift for brides in bloom

What would be of weddings if flowers did not exist? If you think about it, flowers are accompanying the bride from the very beginning at the altar until the very last moment when the bouquet is thrown away. And for this My Jewellery has the perfect meaningful options for colourful brides that are about to blossom! 

Our birth flower jewellery collection shares a splendid range of birth flowers in several jewellery pieces. Double check the bride’s birthday and give her a personal and intimate gift full of meaning, or if you want to be more creative you could also check on which month the wedding is held and give her a piece of jewellery of that month. Apart from birth flower jewellery, we have all the floral Jewellery a  bride’s heart could desire. 

Wedding gift for elegant and classic brides-to-be

We love to make sure that there is something for everyone. And for our brides-to-be that enjoy a more subtle and elegant style there is no better present than a piece of jewellery from our collection Ode to Pearls. There’s a reason why they say pearls are a girl's best friend, and wedding wise you can never go wrong with them.  Do you imagine your bride-to-be having her ‘Pearl Anniversary’ (30th anniversary) and still having your gift? Now that would be something wonderful to see! And with our wide range of timeless jewellery pieces, it is possible.


Wedding gift for someone you hardly know

Got invited to a wedding of someone you barely know? Well, in these types of cases the task of buying a present gets trickier, but trust us, it will never be impossible! When you barely know someone, the option of giving meaningful gifts seems off the table. However, not because you cannot give meaning to a gift means they can’t too. In other words. You can give them something and let them add a meaning to it themselves. And with this we mean a gift card.

With a gift card you’ll be free of having to stress about buying a gift that you don’t know if they will like. And more importantly, they will be able to choose it and put meaning to it, write their own story. If you feel comfortable enough you could mention to them lovely ideas, like personalised rings or necklaces engraved with their initials they can wear together. And even if you don’t, trust us, they would still love it. 

Ode to the Pearls 042

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