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How to use: A facial roller

By Lonne Brummans, 15 April 2022

Facial rollerFacial roller

Facial roller, jade roller or facial massage roller, we have been seeing this item everywhere lately. This beauty accessory has existed in China since the 17th century and has now made its comeback in beauty land! Would you like to know why this skin roller is an absolute wannahave for your beauty collection? Keep reading.

Facial rollers: What’s in it for you?

Besides looking gorgeous, facial rollers also have a number of wonderful benefits according to users.

1. Get rid of a puffy face or under-eye bags
Do you often suffer from a puffy face or bags under your eyes? Add a few minutes of rolling with a skin roller to your beauty routine in the morning and you will look more radiant after a while. Extra tip: put the facial roller in the fridge beforehand, which has a cooling effect.

2. Cooling
The jade roller also cools and softens the skin and makes it extra smooth. This is because the facial roller stimulates the blood circulation, which calms your skin.

3. Tighter skin
Tighter skin, who doesn’t want that now? This is another magnificent result of using the beauty facial roller.

4. Better results with additional beauty products
Accelerate the effect by using the jade roller together with products such as oils, serums or creams. The massage roller ensures that the product is massaged very thoroughly into the skin, allowing it to become absorbed even better. For variation, you can even apply a sheet mask and roll over it.

How do you use a facial roller?

How do you give yourself the best chance of these types of results with a face roller? My  Jewellery has listed all of the steps below! Please note: these are guidelines, but do not mean a guaranteed result. Facial massage rollers have a different effect and result for everyone!

1. Cleaning
It is important to start with a clean facial roller and a clean face. If you use products in combination with the beauty roller, then make sure that you always clean the facial roller after use. If you don't do this, bacteria are left behind that can cause irritation on your skin or clogged pores.

How do you properly clean a facial roller?
When you use the Jade roller without product, clean it with a cleansing cloth. When you use the skin roller in combination with a product, clean it with a cloth, soap and warm water. For cleaning the skin, use, for example, micellar water.

2. Select a suitable lotion
Apply an oil, serum or cream to your face. An oil that is often used is argan oil with the scent of eucalyptus for a relaxing effect. The scent of lavender is also wonderful for an extra calming feeling. Choose a product that suits your skin and has a pleasant scent!

3. How and where do you roll?
It’s roller time! Use the large roller for your forehead, cheeks, chin and neck. Use the small roller for your eyes, eyebrows, lips and jawline.

Forehead: Always start at the centre of your forehead near your hairline and roll towards your temple. Repeat this step each time, until you have rolled over your entire forehead.

Eyes and eyebrows:  Roll the small jade facial roller under your eyes, towards your temple. Make the same movement over your eyelid and eyebrows.

Cheeks: Place the jade facial roller on your nose and roll over your cheekbones and cheeks, towards your ear.

Lips: Place the facial roller midway on your lips and roll towards your ears. Repeat this movement for the other side.

Jawline: Start at the centre of your chin and roll along your jawline, towards your earlobe.

Chin/neck: Place the beauty roller just under your chin and roll down over your neck towards your collarbone. This stimulates the transport of waste products in your body and tightens the skin under your chin.

If you don’t have much time, but still want to take a moment to relax, roll for a few minutes as per the above guidelines, which can already have a hugely relaxing effect. Ideal for relaxing on the couch in front of the TV or watching Netflix after a day of work.

4. Last but not least...
Be sure to clean your facial roller as described in step 1.

In the video below you'll see all steps, tips & tricks for using the facial roller:

Gemstone power

In addition to the nice facial rollers with precious stones, My Jewellery also has a brand new range of jewellery with meaning. A perfect addition for maintaining your inner beauty too. What effect do these precious stones have? You can read about it in the blog about healing stones and their meaning.

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