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The latest accessories trends of the year

February 8, 2024 | By: Victoria Cowan
Read time: 4 minutes

Must-have accessories

When the seasons change, there's only one thing for it, shopping! And there's nothing better than a huge tote bag to carry that haul home in. We love big bags! Prefer something a little smaller? Well, shoulder bags in bright colours are totally on-trend too! The perfect colour boost to your outfit. Looking to spice up your basic dress or skirt? Consider a cute pair of colourful or printed tights, think polka dots, stars or sparkles, we love all of those options! Finish off your outfit with a pair of sunglasses and a cute sunglasses chain to face those harsh low-rise sun rays in style! The final accessories? It has to be hair accessories like funky scrunchies and cute hair pins, you'll be street style ready before you know it! 


Hair accessories

Hair accessories are back in a big way for 2024! Our favourite hair accessory has to be the claw clip aka hair claw, hair clip. Claw clips are the answer to all of your bad hair days! Go for an elegant gold claw clip embellished with pearls if you wish, or add a funky touch of colour to your outfit with a bright & bold coloured hair clasp. Alternatively, jump on the coquette trend with a hair clip shaped like a ribbon or bow, the ultimate in girl-core dressing! 

Bag trends

Bags truly are an outfit's best friend! No other accessory has the ability to instantly transform or complete your look like a bag. From an all-black going-out fit that needs a hint of colour in the form of a cute crocodile print shoulder bag, to a simple everyday errands outfits that needs a practical yet stylish tote bag, every girl needs a collection of bags for all of the everyday adventures of her life. And for all those girls who hate toting around a heavy purse, full of stuff you don't actually need, we also offer a wide range of handy & super cute card holders. The perfect little addition to your hand bang. 

Headbands or hairbands? Either way, they're back!

There’s nothing new to hairbands, in fact the Ancient Greeks and Romans even wore a variation of headbands way back when, but of course, throughout the years it’s had many different iterations until the 1960s introduced the version we’re familiar with today. Whether you’re on the hunt for a headband for short hair, or a hairband for long hair, every hairstyle deserves a pretty headband! To be honest, there’s probably 100s of ways to style your headband, it’s all up to you to find the ways that work best for your style and your hair! All we can say is that a headband deserves a place in your accessories collection, not least because it works for every occasion and every season! Pull your hair off your face in the hot summer, add some sparkle to a dreary day in winter, add a little fresh beauty in spring and add a touch of on-trend style in autumn, whatever the weather a headband is your new go-to accessory! 


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