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  1. Lichtblauwe tas croco print
    Light blue crocodile print bag
    Light blue crocodile print bag Light blue crocodile print bag is available in 10 colors Available in 10 colors
  2. Donkergroene schoudertas croco print| Tassen | My Jewellery
    Dark green crocodile print shoulder bag
  3. Black A-line skirt with buttons
    Black A-line skirt with buttons
    Black A-line skirt with buttons Black A-line skirt with buttons is available in 6 colors Available in 6 colors
    As low as €25.19 Regular Price €35.99
  4. Coral pleated skirt
    Coral pleated skirt
    Coral pleated skirt Coral pleated skirt is available in 5 colors Available in 5 colors
    As low as €20.00 Regular Price €39.99
  5. Faded blue wide leg jeans
    Faded blue wide leg jeans
    As low as €25.00 Regular Price €49.99
  6. Candy oorringen met smileys | My Jewellery
    Candy smiley earrings
    As low as €15.99
  7. White high neck sleeveless top
    White high neck sleeveless top
    As low as €6.00 Regular Price €19.99
  8. Black what comes around T-shirt
    Black what comes around T-shirt
    As low as €12.50 Regular Price €24.99
  9. Grove schakelketting met smiley | My Jewellery
    Chunky chain necklace with smiley
    As low as €12.50 Regular Price €24.99
  10. Iconic ring met smiley & steentjes
    Iconic smiley ring with stones
    As low as €13.99 Regular Price €19.99
  11. Multicoloured glitter retro checkered flared trousers
    As low as €20.00 Regular Price €39.99
  12. Armband met smileys
    Bracelet with smileys
    As low as €15.99
  13. Grey belle journée sweater
    Grey belle journée sweater
    As low as €20.00 Regular Price €39.99

80s fashion: dress to impress

80s outfits are back! 80s fashion was characterised by daring style and bold colours. It was a decade highlighted by trends like: ripped tights, biker jackets, oversized blazers, all of which made 80s fashion one of the most iconic in fashion history. No surprises then, that 80s fashion is back, big! From shoulder pads to women’s suits and everything in between, a few of the most iconic 80s outfits are making a comeback today. Get inspired for your 2020s on-trend look, by looking back in time at some iconic 80s fashion. At My Jewellery we love 80s fashion, which is why we’ve pulled together some amazing items to put together the ultimate 80s outfit. All you need to do is choose your favourite pieces and style yourself a great 80s fashion look. One of the key 80s fashion trends was the athleisure look, though unisex clothing was also super popular. As such, key 80s fashion pieces included t-shirts, sweaters and jeans, though no 80s outfit was complete without bright colours and funky prints, the crazier the better! Honestly, the style choices when it comes to 80s fashion are endless, so give it a go this year and style yourself a killer 80s outfit!

Shine bright in on-trend 80s outfits

Relive the best fashion moments from the 80s in your 80s outfits! As we said, 80s fashion was all about colour and we so happen to love colour! It goes without saying that your 80s fashion look has to include bright colours and glitter. But we’re not just talking 80s outfits and clothes here, we’re also saying to include colour and glitter in your jewellery choices.  80s fashion was about going all out, so bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings are absolute must-haves to nail 80s outfits. And isn’t it just the coolest to add a contemporary twist to a classic 80s fashion look?! Create on-trend 80s outfits with all the items we brought together for you! Did you know our prints and clothing are all designed with the latest trends in mind? That way you’re guaranteed to be rocking a completely on-trend 80s fashion look. Power dressing was big in 80s fashion, so a women’s suit was one of the favourite 80s outfits choices. Just as well we absolutely love women’s suits at My Jewellery, and it’s been a trend fave for a while now. Mix & match your own co-ord sets to find your ultimate 80s fashion look. Or style your 80s outfits by pairing a pair of pants and a blazer or a skirt and blazer combo. Such an 80s fashion statement with a current flare! Another favourite 80s fashion trend that we’re seeing a lot of is colour blocking! Bright 80s fashion colours are back, and ready to be styled in a cool and contemporary colour blocking way to create on-trend 80s outfits. No colour combo is too crazy, so go for it and style those cool 80s outfits! Another big 80s fashion trend has to be mini skirts, a small but unmissable part of your 80s fashion closet, trust us you need a mini skirt for your 80s fashion moment!

90s fashion: dress like your fave supermodels

If you thought this season’s fashion was all about 80s fashion, you’re mistaken, cos 90s fashion has also made a major comeback, yes! 90s fashion was a glorious time! With the rise of the coolest supermodels rocking the best 90s fashion, 90s outfits truly had a big moment. So if you’ve always wanted to look like your favourite celebs, 90s fashion is the way to go! There’s a few key things to remember when styling your 90s outfits, and number one is that 90s fashion is different from the fashion decades before because it can’t be characterised by one certain 90s fashion look, or one key 90s outfit uniform. From grunge to the remnants of 80s fashion, to girl power styles and your favourite high fashion model looks, 90s fashion has it all! While bright 80s fashion colours were still seen a lot on younger generations, 90s fashion also saw a lot of new prints making an appearance. Leopard prints became one of the must have prints of 90s fashion! Nowadays, bright colours and prints are still just as hot, and perfect for your 90s outfits! Everywhere you look you’ll see pink, green and orange colours, while retro and animal prints are super hot 90s outfits details too. So totally 90s fashion, and so totally rad! Your outfit should be a party, and the best way to do that is by incorporating 90s fashion. Trust us, 90s outfits are the way to go!

The coolest 90s outfits to recreate

Time to hit you with the biggest 90s fashion trends! 90s fashion saw a return to women’s clothing with a bit more sex appeals and chic glamour. Short mini skirts are an ultimate 90s fashion statement piece, as are slinky slip dresses and cami tops. 90s fashion saw a lot of slinky fabrics that hug every curve but gave your 90s outfits a very minimal overall look. Another mini skirt favourite was the pleated skirt, an absolute 90s outfits staple! You know the one that was famously made into a sexy school girl look by Britney Spears. And, luckily, pleated skirts have made a major comeback for this season! This 90s fashion favourite now comes in a variety of on-trend colours, making it even easier to combine your fave 80s fashion and 90s fashion trends into one piece. To really complete your 90s outfits, style your skirt with a crop top or knotted t-shirt. Even better, get yourself a printed band tee, because if ever there was a time when rock and grunge bands had their moment it was in the 90s. So, find a band tee and complete your 90s outfits perfectly. Another 90s fashion favourite has to be glitters! At My Jewellery we couldn’t be happier to see the return of this 90s fashion favourite, cos we absolutely love it! In 90s fashion glitter was the party fabric of choice, but nowadays we say rock it at any occasion. Why not shine bright in a glitter top while you’re out for drinks, at a restaurant or out for a day of shopping. If you’re not a skirt girl but still wanna rock 90s fashion and incorporate it into your 90s outfits, you’re in luck! 90s fashion was all about different styles of pants as well. From leather trousers to vintage wash jeans, flared trousers and cargo pants, trousers were hot in 90s fashion and they were the basis for many great 90s outfits! Women’s suits were also still super big in 90s fashion, so you can hit two style decades in one! Ready to rock your favourite 80s fashion & 90s fashion this year?! You’re gonna find everything you want to complete your 80s outfits & 90s outfits at My Jewellery.