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Trendy teddy gilets

Teddy gilets have started showing up on our streets more and more often! These fine gilets are perfect for complimenting your autumn clothing and will do you a good turn as winter gilets. Teddy gilets are super soft, look very trendy, and are very pleasant to wear. That’s why at My Jewellery, we’re huge fans of them as well! Our collection has been enriched with some trendy teddy gilets, so now you have even more choice. We have basic colours but also some lively prints, so there’s something for everyone. Can't wait to wear a nice soft teddy gilet? Check out our collection and shop your favourite teddy gilet online!

A teddy gilet for when it gets cold

It's autumn or winter, and you're looking for a warm but stylish teddy gilet. You've come to the right place at My Jewellery! We’ve picked out a number of beautiful teddy gilets for you. From basic teddies to teddies with a trendy print. How about a black teddy gilet that you can wear any time, or a beige teddy gilet? If you fancy a more vibrant gilet, the panther print teddy gilet might be just the thing for you! If you don't like animal prints, the teddy gilet with its lively print might be more up your alley! At My Jewellery, you'll find the perfect teddy gilet to see you through this year's autumn and winter.