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    Candy heart ring
    Candy heart ring
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    Candy pink twisted ring
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Candy Couture collection - your new favourite candy jewellery

Introducing our latest, and dare we say, sweetest jewellery collection: Candy Couture. Our Candy Couture collection is the cute candy jewellery collection you never knew you needed! Full of colourful jewellery, charm jewellery, beaded jewellery, engraved jewellery and all the candy jewellery pieces your little fashion heart could desire, the Candy Couture collection is a true dive into a sweet wonderland. Candy Couture is all about cute jewellery pieces with charm details and colourful details, so think lots of beads, pearls and engraved charm details, all of these lovely details make up the Candy Couture collection. This is the sweetest Candy Couture jewellery wonderland, and we’ll think you’ll agree! So, head to our website for a rundown of all the Candy Couture pieces, or if you’d prefer to see all the pieces in real life run to one of the many My Jewellery boutiques dotted around The Netherlands where our boutique girls will be more than happy to help you pick your favourite Candy Couture pieces! Once you’ve adorned yourself in the sweetest beaded jewellery, charm jewellery and colourful jewellery you could find, don’t forget to tag us @myjewellery because we can’t wait to see how you’ve styled your Candy Couture pieces! Dive into the sweetness and enjoy your new candy jewellery, you’re going to need a sweet tooth for this one, because the Candy Couture collection is almost good enough to eat!

The sweetest candy couture jewellery

We’ll just come out and say it, we love our Candy Couture collection. From beautiful candy charm necklaces to beaded bracelets, and cute rings to engraved earrings, there’s truly a piece of candy jewellery to suit everyone’s personal style. Whether you’re a fan of colourful beaded jewellery or prefer more minimal engraved jewellery, the Candy Couture collection has it all. Another perk? If you like an eclectic jewellery look, simply mix and match the Candy Couture pieces, for a colourful & fun candy jewellery look everyone is going to be obsessing over! Pair lots of beaded bracelets in various colours with some of the Candy Couture earrings and stack the necklaces high around your neck. The options for the Candy Couture jewellery are endless! We also love the Candy Couture jewellery pieces for their versatility, and uniqueness, simply pair your favourite Candy couture necklaces with some of your favourite My Jewellery pieces and you’re good to go. From the beach to the bar, the office to after-work drinks, the Candy couture collection is there to join you on all your sweetest memories. Pair your Candy Couture necklace with a flirty summer dress, add lots of charm candy bracelets and our cutest candy couture rings and you’ve got yourself the ultimate girly outfit. Alternatively, style your Candy Couture pieces with a cool pair of jeans and a hoodie for an edge to your candy jewellery.

Candy jewellery - the perfect gift

We’re firm believers in sharing the candy dream, so don’t gatekeep the Candy Couture pieces just to yourself, because trust us, the Candy Couture collection is a great gift idea. Anyone would be thrilled to receive a piece of the Candy Couture collection as a gift for her! Whether your giftee loves engraved jewellery, cute jewellery, candy jewellery, colourful jewellery, or beaded jewellery, the Candy Couture collection has it all. The heart shaped jewellery pieces in the Candy Couture collection are perfect gifts for your loved ones, or secret crush, or anyone you want to show your love for, while candy jewellery and smiley jewellery pieces are perfect gifts for the fun loving people in your life. Put a smile on someone’s face by gifting them a piece of our Candy Couture collection, trust us they won’t be disappointed. Want to surprise your friends with a  best friends gift to honour your bond, why not get yourself and your friends a Candy Couture beaded bracelet, go for different colours to represent each different personality, or pick the same colourful jewellery to really reflect your bond. Whatever you choose, your friends are going to love the Candy Couture bracelets!

Mix & match your candy jewellery

At My Jewellery we’re big fans of mixing & matching our candy jewellery! The Candy Couture collection was made to be mixed & matched with different pieces and colours, but you don’t necessarily need to choose pieces from the same collection. Why not mix your jewellery look up and go for pieces from the Candy Couture collection and match them with pieces from the Initial collection or Zodiac collection. After all, your jewellery look needs to represent you, so pick whatever you like to wear. No one said you can’t mix beaded jewellery with candy jewellery, and engraved jewellery with colourful jewellery, just give it a go and see what you like. All we know is that your Candy Couture pieces will go with everything you choose! So, what do you think? Have we convinced you of all the wonderful sweetness that is the Candy Couture collection? Well, in that case, what are you waiting for? Go and shop your new favourite Candy Couture jewellery pieces! Whether you go to the My Jewellery webshop or prefer to shop at one of our many boutiques in The Netherlands, and in Belgium, don’t forget to show off your Candy Couture jewellery looks, because we can’t wait to see how you choose to style all of the candy jewellery, beaded jewellery, charm jewellery, colourful jewellery & engraved jewellery to suit your personal style. Tag us, and maybe we’ll end up sharing our favourite Candy Couture looks!