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    Medium length cube necklace

Basic jewellery by My Jewellery: My Basics

Basic jewellery is something that every girl needs an ample supply of! Not only because basic jewellery can add the finishing touch to pretty much every outfit, but basic jewellery is also great for combining with other styles of jewellery. It makes it easy to create a pretty jewellery set. Our basic jewellery is available in gold or silver and is made from stainless steel, meaning it doesn’t discolour! That’s good news because you’ll be able to enjoy your jewellery for many years to come and make countless new combinations. Which jewellery basics do you need? Take a look at My Basics: the perfect basics to create a gorgeous jewellery look.

Basic necklaces

Basic necklaces are ideal for creating layered necklace looks. For example, pair statement necklaces with a simple basic necklace to strike the right balance. Our favourite basic necklace is still the Moments necklace or the basic chain necklace. Alternatively, go for the subtle twisted necklace. The possibilities are endless! With these basic necklaces, you can be sure that you will always be able to make great layered looks. View all the products on this page and pick your favourite.

Basic bracelets

You know it, we know it: you can never have too many basic bracelets! If you’re not in the mood to get creative with bracelets, having some basic bracelets makes things simple. They’re always on-trend, stylish and don’t discolour. You can wear them no matter what the current trends are and make endless combinations with our other bracelets! You can even leave our basic bracelets on while you sleep, so you never forget to put them on again. Pick our all-time favourite Moments bracelet, the chain bracelet, or choose one of the other basic bracelets in this collection! 

Basic earrings

Sometimes a basic pair of earrings is all you need! It’s great to have a few sets of basic earrings that you can wear to every occasion. Basic earrings are always a good idea! They stay on-trend and are incredibly versatile, so you can pair them with all your other earrings. Choose basic earrings in gold or silver. We love the basic round earrings! You can combine them with virtually every other earring. They’re subtle but unique and great for making new combinations. Alternatively, try the small round earrings. Luckily, we have lots of different basic earrings for you to try, so take a look at our full range of products and shop ‘til you drop!

Basic rings

Did someone say basic rings? Every girl needs a collection of basic rings in her jewellery collection. When you´re spoilt for choice, you can stack them and create different looks. Basic rings can be worn in many different ways because you have lots of fingers to put your rings on. You can create a new look every day. It’s so much fun! Our thin basic ring is the best choice for rounding out a stack of rings. If you like rings with patterns, pick the ring with circles. There are lots of other options to choose from too. View all the products in this collection and buy your favourite online. Happy shopping!

Basic jewellery as a gift

Want to surprise your friend, mother, sister, colleague, grandmother or another special person in your life? Do it with jewellery from My Jewellery. Basic jewellery makes the perfect gift for her. It goes with everything and will match her other jewellery. This means basic jewellery always makes a good gift idea. Add the finishing touch to your gift with a cute gift box and you’ll have a lovely gift to make her day with. After all, sometimes it’s better to give than to receive!