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    Holographic gift package

The sweetest gift packaging from My Jewellery

Make the gift of giving even more special with beautiful gift packaging from My Jewellery. Looking for gift packaging for your best friend for her birthday, your aunt who you want to thank, or perhaps your mother for just being her? At My Jewellery, we have the ideal gift packaging, whatever the occasion. Would you like to gift a ring, necklace, bracelet or earrings? At My Jewellery, you’ll definitely find the right gift packaging, whatever the gift may be. You’re guaranteed success with gift packaging from My Jewellery. Add a personal card to really tie it all together and instantly give the gift packaging a personal touch. We love it! At My Jewellery, we adore receiving gifts in beautiful packaging. That’s why we have created a beautiful selection for you to choose from. You too can wrap your gift beautifully! Go for the full experience! Take a look at this page and select the best gift packaging option for your My Jewellery gift.

Give your gift a little something extra with gift packaging

Make your gift for her extra special with the wonderful gift packaging from My Jewellery. Go for gift packaging that best suits your gift. Are you gifting her a ring? We have some very special ring boxes to choose from as your gift packaging. Have you got earrings for her? Take a look at the neon pink studs box. You can carefully place the earrings in it to display the earrings beautifully for when your bestie opens the box, and make it extra special by adding a card. At My Jewellery, we have a wonderful selection of cards. You are sure to find a beautiful and suitable card, whatever the occasion might be. Write a meaningful, heartfelt message in your card and your gift will be ready! Whether you have a gift for grandma, gift for your mother, a gift for your best friend or a gift for your daughter, My Jewellery has suitable options for everyone. Have you ever met someone that doesn’t like unwrapping a gift? Take a quick look at our beautiful gift packaging and shop your favourite option!

Large and small gift boxes

At My Jewellery, we simply love giving gifts, which is why we have designed some really special gift boxes for you to use when gifting, for example, of a beautiful chain necklace or a cute minimalist bracelet. Gift boxes are the perfect gift packaging solutions! The gift boxes are available in various colours and sizes. Have you got clothing that you would like to gift? Use the larger gift box. Is it something small that you are gifting, like a ring or a pair of earrings? The small gift boxes are perfect for gifts like that. Unsure which size to get? We also have a medium size gift box available! At My Jewellery, we have pink and black gift boxes to choose from. Are you giving your friend that wears cool clothing and jewellery a gift? Why not use the black gift box? Does your mother love wearing dresses, skirts and classy jewellery? How about a pink gift box? A gift box makes giving a gift even more special and thoughtful. A gift box has a classy and luxurious vibe to it, to make sure your loved one will get the full experience when receiving their gift. And YOU did that! We are massive fans of our gift boxes and gift packaging as they make gifting even more thoughtful. What do you think? Take a quick look at our wonderful gift packaging and pick your favourite to surprise your loved on! 

Gift packaging for everyone

My Jewellery gift packaging is for everyone. We believe in inclusivity! The variety of colours our gift packaging comes in mean you will always find something that works. We have bright pink, light pink and even black gift packaging. There are plenty of options to choose from! At My Jewellery, we also have various types of gift packaging. You have the choice between gift boxes and flap boxes in various sizes and wonderful cards. The gift boxes are incredibly easy to open and close thanks to the handy lid. The flap boxes are very easy to close with the flap at the back. Would you like to come and see the gift packaging in person? Then come and visit us in one of the My Jewellery boutiques. Purchase your gifts there and select the perfect gift packaging at the register. The staff there would love to help you pick it out and even wrap it. They too, enjoy the gift of giving. My Jewellery staff appreciate gift packaging and gifting and understand the significance of it all. Thoughtfulness is a wonderful characteristic. So be sure to pop in some time and pick the perfect gift!