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    Forever Connected ring set
    Forever Connected ring set
    As low as €19.99

Jewellery sets by My Jewellery

A jewellery set is so handy to share with others or to gift your loved one! At My Jewellery we simply love matching jewellery. Here you can shop the finest matching jewellery for you and your best friend, lover or even mother. Naturally, we have lots of jewellery sets that you can keep all to yourself or combine with your own jewellery. Whether you are looking for matching jewellery as a gift or simply want to bulk up your own jewellery collection, we’ve got you covered! Are you team gold or team silver? We’ve thought of that as well. At My Jewellery we have matching jewellery in both colours. Some sets are even available in both colours. How great is that?! Do you usually wear gold and your best friend wears silver? Simply order the jewellery set with both silver and gold. Problem solved! We are confident you will find something perfect for you. We’re curious which set you’ll be going for! Shop your favourite jewellery set fast!

Mix & match a jewellery set with your best friend, lover or mother 

How wonderful is it to share matching jewellery from My Jewellery with your best friend, lover or mother? We here at My Jewellery love surprising our loved ones with a jewellery set. You will always feel connected with your best friend, lover or mother when you share a jewellery set. It is such a special idea! At My Jewellery, we have a large selection of matching jewellery. You will always be able to find the perfect piece for you and your loved one! If you’re looking for matching jewellery for you and your BFF, you should definitely take a look at the BFF bracelets. Do you want your lover to know that you will always be connected? Shop the forever connected bracelets. These matching bracelets are available in various colours, so you can be sure you will find the right one for you both. A beautiful idea for your mother is the mother-daughter bracelets. This is a special bracelet that represents the beautiful love between a mother and daughter. She will be over the moon with this jewellery set! 

Matching bracelets

The matching bracelets at My Jewellery are completely on-trend! We endeavour to have a wide selection of matching jewellery for all of you. There are special meanings behind all of our matching jewellery! Go for the spread the love set and share it with your best friends. These matching bracelets are specially made to share with several loved ones. Would you like to only share a bracelet with just your sister or your lover? Order the sisters bracelet or the forever connected bracelet set. The matching bracelets are available in various colours. This means that there will always be a beautiful option for you and your loved one! That said, feel free to keep the matching bracelets to yourself. You’re worth it! That’s why we design matching bracelets that look gorgeous worn on their own. Go for one of the Selected Look bracelets and you’ll be on-trend. Combine the matching bracelets with all your other favourite jewellery to complete your look!

Gift a jewellery set

We’ve all been there. You’re looking for the perfect gift for your mother, grandmother, sister, best friend or another important woman in your life, but you simply can’t decide what to get. You’ll have no trouble picking a jewellery set from My Jewellery! Pick one of the matching jewellery sets that will perfectly suit the important woman in your life. We promise that she will be over the moon. The My Jewellery jewellery sets are such a personal gift. Matching jewellery is hot & happening right now. Another great reason to gift them! So that everyone can look stylish and get a personal gift, we have pieces in several budget categories. We’ve got you covered! At My Jewellery, you can shop the perfect jewellery set as a gift for your best friend, grandma, sister, mother or any other lucky woman in your life. Happy gifting!