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    Birth year necklace
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Men’s necklaces from My Jewellery

A necklace on a man, is that possible? Of course! In fact, a men’s necklace is totally on-trend. A cool men’s necklace looks great with every look. Men’s jewellery is becoming increasingly popular. Besides a wedding ring and a watch, there are many more pieces of jewellery that men can rock. That’s why we see more and more men on the streets wearing multiple necklaces, combined with rings, bracelets and earrings. Whether chunky chains or minimalist necklaces, more and more men can be seen wearing them. They give the finishing touch to your look and ensure an on-trend outfit. At My Jewellery, we want to show you how cool men’s necklaces are so that there’ll always be a men’s necklace that suits you. Take a look at our collection and find your favourite men’s necklace. Buy a men’s necklace online before 8 pm and it will be shipped the same day. Alternatively, take a look in one of our boutiques where all our men's necklaces can be found. The search for your perfect men's necklace can begin. What’s your favourite men's necklace?

Mix & match men’s necklaces

Layering is hot! Creating layers with two or more men’s necklaces is on-trend. Are you searching for a subtle look? Keep it simple and complete your outfit with a nice men’s necklace. Minimalistic men’s necklaces are definitely on-trend. Choose a thin men's necklace for a subtle touch. You can even wear several thin men’s necklaces over each other, so your layers are ready to shine. Do you prefer more striking men's necklaces? Then chain necklaces are perfect for you! Men’s necklaces from My Jewellery are perfect for a tough look. The nice thing about our men’s necklace collection is that you can mix & match with other jewellery. Choose matching men’s bracelets and men’s earrings to complete your look. The advantage of men's necklaces is that this is a timeless piece of jewellery, which ensures that you always shine. The My Jewellery collection offers timeless elegant men's necklaces, but also tough and robust on-trend men's necklaces. As a result, you will always find your favourite necklace and something appropriate for every occasion. Whatever necklace you’re looking for, we’ve got it all!

Styling a men’s necklace

Whether you’re going for a tough, stylish, basic, sporty or on-trend look, you’ve come to the right place at My Jewellery. Men's necklaces from My Jewellery come in all shapes and sizes. Choose a thin and subtle men's necklace if you don't want to draw too much attention to it. This way, all the attention goes to your outfit, but it ensures that your look gets just the spice it deserves. Do you want your men's necklace to stand out more? Then choose a chain necklace with a rough and tough look or a men's necklace with matching pendant. As soon as you choose a pendant with a personal touch, you make your men's necklace unique. The advantage of men’s necklaces from My Jewellery is that we have gold necklaces and silver necklaces, making them easy to combine with any outfit. Whether you choose silver or gold, men’s necklaces from My Jewellery are the beginnings of a spicy look. With a beautiful men’s necklace, you’ll have a smile on your face every morning when you look in the mirror. Men’s necklaces from My Jewellery are therefore are an essential part of your jewellery stash.

Gift tip: men’s necklaces

Do you want to surprise your lover, best friend, brother, father or just yourself with on-trend men’s jewellery? Then My Jewellery has something really nice for you! We have original, modern and unique men’s necklaces, which are timeless and on-trend. Men’s necklaces are perfect for men and we love them! A gold or silver men’s necklace is always a good choice for yourself, but even nicer to receive as a gift. A men’s necklace will always make you shine. Are you looking for a unique gift? Surprise someone special with one of our men’s necklaces with a personal detail. An initials necklace often has a special meaning, which makes the gift even more unique. With personalised initials, the necklace is not only ready to wear, but also on-trend! Do you want a matching necklace with the important man in your life? Check out our Equal collection. The unisex jewellery in the range is made for everyone. How nice is that! Are you also excited about these amazing men’s necklaces? We certainly are! Take a look in our webshop or boutiques for the best men’s necklaces. See you there!