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    Necklace with rhinestone love letters
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    Chain necklace with cubic zirconia initial
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    Chunky chain necklace with smiley
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Trendy chain necklaces

TREND ALERT! At My Jewellery we’re totally in love with the chain necklaces trend! We believe that this trend definitely is here to stay and will never not be on-trend. We love the chunky style of chain necklaces and that they can be styled together with almost anything. At My Jewellery we have a wide range of these on-trend pieces, whether you’re looking for a large chain, flat chain or chunky chain necklace, we’ve got it all! Are you still a little bit hesitant when it comes to whether or not you like chain necklaces? Believe us when we say that when you invest into these jewellery pieces you definitely won’t regret it. The chunky and robust look of chain necklaces actually looks beautiful styled together with almost any outfit. We’re also seeing more and more women rocking this cool trend! Not a huge fan of bulky chains? Well then we also have a wide range of thin chain necklaces. When you feel like putting your own personal touch onto your necklaces then add some of our charms to your necklace. That’s another great thing about chain necklaces, you can pick all of the charms you like & match your personality and really create your own unique necklace. 

Gold & silver chains

Are you particularly looking for gold chain necklaces, or do you prefer wearing a silver chain necklace? Well we guess you’re in luck because at My Jewellery we offer chain necklaces in gold as well as silver. So whether you prefer wearing gold jewellery or silver jewellery we have enough pieces you can mix & match together! Maybe try our current bestseller, the flat chain necklace and create your own Hailey Bieber inspired necklace party! Or you could go for a more outspoken look and choose a chunky chain necklace. It’s clear that you definitely need a chain necklace for your jewellery stash, and we’re curious to see what style you’ll be going for! Are you pulling a Switzerland and are you a neutral party when it comes to being on team gold or team silver jewellery. Maybe we can help you out by deciding what colour will look best on you. Do you have brown eyes & golden tones in your hair? Then there’s a big chance that your skin probably has a warmer undertone and we suggest you go with gold. Do you have green or blue eyes & cooler ash tones in your hair? Then you probably have a cooler undertone and in this case silver jewellery will look stunning on you! Now go ahead and expand your current jewellery stash with some new pieces! However, the most important thing is that your jewellery pieces will make you feel beautiful and there are no rules set in stone when it comes to mixing & matching colours together. So go ahead and have some fun!  

Styling chain necklaces

Have you just found your new favourite chain necklace, but are clueless as to how to style it best? We’ve got you girl! Chain necklaces can actually be styled together with almost every piece of clothing. Whether you’re wearing jeans, a dress or a blouse, anything goes! When wearing a dress try adding on a single chain necklace or if you feel like being a little bit extra you could try layering some chain necklaces together. In our necklace party blog you can read more about how you can start layering your own necklaces together. Is it a jeans and top kind of day? Then try styling some chunky chain necklaces together for a bold look! The chunkier the better! Another great thing about chain jewellery is that these pieces are timeless and can be styled in so many different ways. Want to add a little bit of extra spice onto your outfit? Mix & match your chain necklace with a chain bracelet to complete your look. Another look that will always be on-trend is styling chain necklaces together with long necklaces, the various layers and different lengths will create a unique look! Try pairing different styles of necklaces together and you’ll create the ultimate necklace party that you can enjoy day in, day out! What chain necklaces will you be getting your hands on? 

On-trend chain necklaces for women

Chain necklaces are easily seen as alternative pieces of jewellery, which can make them sound a bit intimidating. However, at My Jewellery we believe that chain necklaces can be worn by everyone & can be styled together with absolutely everything. Just an example, a flat chain necklace that is very on-trend right now will look beautiful styled together with a V-neck dress. A chunky chain on the other hand will look great styled together with a boat neck top. Another fun idea might be gifting a chain necklace to one of your friends or family members. We’re confident that chain necklaces are the perfect gift for her! Because we have such a wide range of different chain necklaces there’s something for everyone! Are you still a little bit hesitant when it comes to buying & wearing chain necklaces? Then you might consider going for a chain bracelet. This on-trend item will look great on your wrist and might be a good first step into your chain jewellery journey. However, we believe that chain necklaces are timeless items that you’ll love for years on end. Fun fact: all of our jewellery is made from premium stainless steel which means that they won’t tarnish! A definite win-win situation if you ask us. Happy shopping & gifting!