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    Shell choker

On-trend: the choker

Chokers are a huge trend from the ‘90s, but luckily for us they've made a massive comeback! They are minimalistic, edgy, stylish & cool. You can combine this item with both cool and formal outfits. Chokers can be worn to just about any occasion. Ideal! Everyone is familiar with the traditional black chokers, but at My Jewellery, chokers are available in many different colours, materials and styles. We have daisy chokers (cute for at a picnic), items with colourful beads and basic items, as well as gold chokers and silver chokers. The women’s chokers are made from high-quality material, namely stainless steel. This helps them retain their colour, even when you go swimming, shower, work out, anything! No worrying about your jewellery! Check this page out and shop the cutest chokers. After all, you do not want to miss out on this trend. Your jewellery collection is crying out for one.

Various women’s chokers

In the My Jewellery assortment, you’ll discover a beautiful collection of women’s chokers. There are beaded chokers, silver chokers and gold chokers. Are you getting ready for the summer? Then you simply have to get yourself a shell choker! This item is perfect for a day at the beach or to a party. Tip: style it with other great chokers with beads. Wear it a little looser so that it hangs a bit. Another great look is the shell choker styled with other shell jewellery. Would you rather go for a simpler look? Pick a gold or silver item and combine it with a minimalistic chain. Does your basic outfit need a little boost? A choker with coloured beads is just the thing to add to your look. It will instantly give your outfit the colour it needs to shine. Having a hard time deciding between all the great chokers?

P.S. how sweet would it be to gift someone a choker?! Pick your favourites as a gift for her!

Combining chokers

The women’s chokers are ideal to dress up your outfit. It’s not just a simple piece of fabric or elastic. It’s a striking item. When your outfit is too simple, you can emphasise your neckline by styling your chokers with other necklaces. Seeing as chokers are so short, you can easily vary the length of the necklaces and create a layering effect, also known as a necklace party. This will give your look an extra beautiful vibe. You could wear a gold choker combined with a short necklace with a pendant that falls a little below the choker. You’ll see that the several layers create a playful effect and complete your look. Make sure your other jewellery and accessories also match. Pay attention to colour and size and you’ll look stunning. We’re curious to see how you plan on styling your choker from My Jewellery, so be sure to share it with us via your social media!

Chokers for each season

Chokers aren’t only an item to be worn during summer, they are equally stunning in spring, autumn and winter! At My Jewellery, we have a wide selection of women’s chokers. One of our year-round favourites is the item with double coins. Or what about this silver or gold choker with flowers? Very cute for spring and summer, or when the chills have gotten you down and you want to get into the mood for the warmer weather that lies ahead. For a more cheerful look, you could style it with other items from the Wildflower collection. So, which will it be? Will your chokers be season inspired or will you rock a choker regardless of the season? Create a real necklace party, based entirely on your style, with our stunning chokers!