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    Butterfly ring
    Butterfly ring
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Always the perfect fit with an adjustable ring

Do you always have a hard time finding the right ring size? Then My Jewellery has the perfect solution for you - an adjustable ring! With an adjustable ring, you simply fit it to size. All adjustable rings are one size fits all and adjustable to the size of your finger. The nice thing about an adjustable ring is that it fits every finger. Feel like wearing your ring on your little finger today, but on your index finger tomorrow? Go ahead. That way you create a different look every single day. My Jewellery has adjustable silver rings and gold rings. You’re bound to find your favourite among them. Prefer a regular ring that fits your size and not an adjustable ring for women? But you don’t know your ring size? No problem. Read how to measure your ring size in our blog. Then find the right size on our webshop and start shopping!

On-trend: adjustable rings from My Jewellery

Adjustable rings are a real trend, simply because they always fit. They are also super fashionable and really complete your look. After all, we all know that boring household chores are a lot more fun with a beautiful adjustable ladies ring on your finger. You suddenly feel happy vacuuming, typing a school assignment or washing the windows with an adjustable ring from My Jewellery on your finger. What's more, the adjustable rings from My Jewellery are made from stainless steel. This means they won’t discolour and they are 100% waterproof. You can always keep wearing our rings, so you can do the dishes, take a shower and go for a swim with our adjustable rings on. There are no limits to the fun you can have with an adjustable ring for women. We're sure you'll receive plenty of compliments at parties when you wear an adjustable ring. So shop for an adjustable ring for women and shine at your next party, date night, at school or even at work with one of My Jewellery’s adjustables. 


Mixing and matching adjustable rings

With My Jewellery adjustable rings there’s no end to the styling options. Choose different rings from our range and create an amazing ring party. Do you want your ring party to really stand out? Wear a timeless signet ring or ring with a stone with your adjustable ring for women, and create a truly eye-catching effect. Or would you rather keep it basic? Then our minimalist rings are just the trick. Why not go for a complete Bali or Ibiza vibe? Mix and match our vintage rings because we have adjustable rings for that trend as well. With adjustable bohemian rings, you'll think you're on holiday all the time when you look at your hand. Adjustable rings are also great to wear with other jewellery. Whether you choose gold or silver, nowadays it doesn't matter anymore, because its more than OK to style gold jewellery and silver jewellery with each other. Everything goes! However, the most important thing of all is to choose the adjustable ring for women that you like best. So create your ultimate ring party with the adjustable rings from My Jewellery.

The perfect gift: silver pendants

Picking out a ring as a present is difficult because it’s hard to figure out your loved one’s ideal ring size. No worries. My Jewellery has the perfect solution for that. Why not give an adjustable ring as a gift to your mum, best friend, sister or aunt as a present? An adjustable ring is the perfect gift for her because a one size ring fits all! You can also make it a very personal gift if you choose an adjustable ring with that special person’s initial or zodiac sign. She'll appreciate that for sure! You can conveniently shop for our adjustable rings for women 24/7 online, and with our super-fast shipping, the courier will be at your door before you know it and your gift will be delivered on time. If your loved one doesn’t like the adjustable ring for women, you can return it within 14 working days. Alternatively, if you know that she does not wear rings beforehand, then why not go for a gift card and let her choose a nice item herself? Are you a big fan of our adjustable rings? Drop a hint to your mum or friend and who knows, maybe you'll be receiving an adjustable ring yourself soon. Otherwise, shop an adjustable ring for yourself an add something new to your jewellery box. Happy shopping at My Jewellery!