The brand studio

Creative & private label concepts

The brand studio specialises in the creation, development and production of unique & very high-quality jewellery & fashion accessories.

We work with influential fashion brands, retailers, media platforms & talents. What sets the brand studio apart is the way it sources the latest trends in fashion & its ability to place these in the market in a playful way.

What makes the brand studio unique is its full-service approach.
Often, it’s because of a lack of time, knowledge, the right ways and connections to expand an existing brand, conceive, and produce a giveaway or fulfil a personal dream (your own brand).

We’ve got you!

Curious about the possibilities for a customised production and/or collaboration with a talent? 

Our strengths

★ On top of trends  

★  Exclusive designs & productions 

★  High quality productions 

★ Streamlined distributions 

★ Full-service approach 

★ Our tight timing 

The Brand Studio
Private label department of My Jewellery

Muriel Drent
Creative concept manager

+31 6 175 68 174
[email protected]

Sanne van Haandel
Sales support

+31 6 112 30 435
[email protected]