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  1. Beige sweater with ruffle sleeves
    Beige sweater with ruffle sleeves
    Beige sweater with ruffle sleeves is available in 6 colors Available in 6 colors
  2. Black-white knitted sweater with stripes
    Black-white knitted sweater with stripes
  3. Beige knitted dress with ruffles
    Beige knitted dress with ruffles
    Beige knitted dress with ruffles is available in 2 colors Available in 2 colors

Buy a knitted sweater from My Jewellery

Do you just love snuggling into a comfy, knitted sweater? Us too! Which is why at My Jewellery, we have a whole load of knitted sweaters. These knitted sweaters are also very much in fashion! Take for example the many sweaters we have with lurex worked into the fabric. Lurex is a fabric fibre with gold, silver, or copper-coloured threads. This creates a wonderful effect in clothing and truly gives it a fantastic finishing touch. Do you prefer chunky knits or fine knit sweaters? At My Jewellery, the choices are plentiful. One item that we just absolutely adore is this beige knit sweater that literally goes with anything! Or how about the blue chunky knit sweater? These sweaters are only the tip of the iceberg. Check out all the knitted sweaters available in this category or perhaps even take a look at all our other sweaters. We have also selected hoodies and turtlenecks for you. All in all, the selection of sweaters & cardigans is huge!

Knitted cardigan: on-trend items

Yeah, we love knitted cardigans! A knitted cardigan has become an essential item in the world of fashion, making more and more appearances! We assume you love them just as much? Check out the knitted cardigans that My Jewellery has to offer. You should try the trendy beige wrap cardigan. Or would you rather a more striking colour like this lilac wrap cardigan? With this item you can be confident that you’re looking stylish and you’re cosy at the same time during the colder weather. Which knitted cardigan do you plan on stealing the show in?

Styling knitted sweaters & cardigans

How do you style a knitted sweater? It's simple! There are so many different ways of styling them. Style a chunky knit sweater with a skirt, tights, and boots. Wear a knitted sweater with trousers or jeans. Casually tuck the front of your knitted sweater into your skirt or jeans so that the sweater subtly falls over the edge at the front. This creates a casual, playful look! We simply can’t get enough of it. Are you siding more for a knitted cardigan? These can be styled with skirts as well! Another look we adore is knitted cardigans styled with flared trousers. This creates a comfy, but effortlessly fashionable outfit. Whether you’re wearing a sweater or cardigan, style it with earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings.

Warm knitted items each season

Knitted sweaters and cardigans only during winter? No way! Knitted cardigans and jumpers can be worn any time of year. They are so comfy and warm to wear, which makes them ideal for autumn as well. Don’t forget the chilly spring and cooler summer days though. Just imagine sitting outside some evening enjoying a drink with your friends. A warm & cosy jumper or cardigan is just what you need. Or perhaps keep yourself warm after a workout. There are so many reasons why you might need knitwear! It goes without saying that knitted jumpers and cardigans are essential in your wardrobe. Pick out a knitted item that perfectly suits your style and get comfy!