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Casual Christmas outfits that still look festive!

July 13, 2023 | By: Victoria Cowan
Read time: 5 minutes

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Casual Christmas outfits for everyone

Do we go big on the sparkle, rhinestones and glitter when it comes to our festive outfits? There’s no arguing there, the answer is: Yes, yes we do. But does that mean that everyone has to go just as big when it comes to their Christmas outfits, absolutely not. Style, whether it’s during the holiday season or not, is always up to the wearer themselves, and if you’re not much of a sparkle kinda gal, why would you change that for the holidays? Casual Christmas outfits can be just as statement-making and on-trend as a full on disco ball look, and let’s be honest, they’re probably a lot cosier & more comfortable too. So, if you’re unashamedly looking for the perfect casual Christmas outfit, you’ve come to the right place, cos we’ll do our very best to give you the best casual Christmas outfit inspo right here! Check out our collection of on-trend casual Christmas outfits and we might just convince even the staunchest lovers of sparkle of the magic of a casual Christmas outfit.

What is Christmas casual dress code?

A casual Christmas outfit can mean many things, but most likely it’s a lowkey affair where comfort and cosiness take centre stage. Does this mean you have to forgo the sparkles altogether? Not necessarily, but the key is to keep the sequins and sparkles on the downlow. Casual Christmas parties are often all about the company and cosy chats over wine & nibbles that extend deep into the night. There’s no dance floor in sight, instead candles flicker away as you sit on the couch with special people talking about everything from the latest cool girl party outfit trends to your respective love lives, your zodiac signs to your favourite ever Christmas memories & gifts, and everything & nothing in between. A fun and informal potluck dinner might also be part of the equation, or indeed a playful (if slightly messy) bring your own cocktail activity. Whatever the evening ends up looking like, a casual Christmas party is all about the people not about the outfit. So when it comes to dressing for a party with a Christmas casual dress code an outfit that straddles the line between comfort and style is the answer. We’re talking sparkly yet comfy & warm sweatersflared pantswomen’s suits, and knitwear galore. Keep scrolling to find out more!

 "When we remember a special Christmas, it is not the Christmas outfit that made it memorable, but the laughter, love, and togetherness with loved ones.

What can I wear to a casual Christmas party?

Think a dress is too dressy (ahem) for a casual Christmas outfit, think again! A wrap dress is both comfy and on-trend, and when paired with warm tights, a cosy chunky cardigan, simple boots and minimalist jewellery, your dress will be just the right side of casual for a Christmas casual dress code. Keep the beauty look fresh and dewy and you’ll look on-trend without trying too hard. This truly is casual Christmas dressing at its easiest! A skirt and turtleneck sweater is another all-time favourite casual Christmas outfit idea. Skirts are flirty and fun but not too serious, and when paired with a (turtleneck) sweater they make the perfect casual Christmas party look. A couple of delicate charm bracelets will add a subtle touch of glamour, while a pair of simple flats and leather blazer finish off your casual Christmas outfit perfectly.

Can I wear pants to a Christmas party?

Yes, you absolutely can wear pants to a Christmas party! In fact, this might be one of the best casual Christmas outfits you could go for. A pair of elasticated flared pants is super comfy and flattering and looks great with just about anything. Go for a pair of printed pants or opt for flares with a subtle glitter and pair with an oversized t-shirt and blazer for a casual Christmas look even the cool girls will envy. For the jeans girls amongst us, the right styling will make your favourite pair of jeans entirely appropriate for a casual Christmas party! Finding balance is key here however, so a slightly dressier top option is your best bet. Style your jeans with a one-shoulder top or a pretty party top and your jeans will instantly look more festive, finish with some sandals and a sparkly necklace and you’ll make a super confident and on-trend appearance at your next casual Christmas party.

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Can I wear a sweater dress to a Christmas party?

Do you even need to ask?! Of course a sweater dress is perfectly appropriate for a casual Christmas party! Sweater dresses strike the right balance between casual and festive, and look perfect paired with knee-high boots and a gilet. Highlight your curves by wrapping a cool studded belt around your waist, and throw your hair into a casually stylish high ponytail or messy bun to elongate your figure. Looking to add just a touch of glamour to the casual Christmas outfit look no further than a pair of statement earrings. Rhinestone earrings pack an instant punch and will release you from the task of styling a full on jewellery look, afterall, one pair of statement earrings is all you need to stand out at your casual Christmas party! Complete the look with the perfect Christmas makeup look and you are ready to head for your casual Christmas party in perfect casual style.

What colours to wear to a Christmas party? 

The magic of a casual Christmas party outfit is that there are very few rules, wear what you like and rock it! However, if you’re hoping to add a festive edge to your casual Christmas outfit there’s a few key colour trends that will really bring the holiday spirit. Black is a forever classic for a reason, flattering, easy to style and perfectly versatile, black (with or without sparkle) is a great colour to wear to a Christmas party. Dark green and deep red are two more festive favourites, but if you like to think outside the box in the colour stakes we’d recommend going for deep and romantic colours such as plum, navy and pink. For those of us who like to follow the trends and stand out from the crowd, silver is this year’s main festive colour powerhouse & the epitome of cool. Though gold is another golden option for your casual Christmas outfit!

 "Christmas is a feeling" 

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