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The complete guide to skirt styles

June 18, 2023 | By: Victoria Cowan
Read time: 5 minutes

Which skirt styles suit your figure best?

We all know skirts come in all lengths and styles, but do you know exactly how many skirt styles there are? And which skirt style looks best on your body type? Well, we have the answers! Read all of our tips & tricks on the different skirts styles and shine in your favourite skirts. At My Jewellery we love skirts because they’re feminine, flattering and always on-trend. So get those legs out and rock a skirt!

Skirt style 1: A-line

As the name suggests the shape of this skirt is similar to the shape of a letter A, so it starts off narrow in the waist and tapers out wider over the hips making it the perfect flattering skirt for curvy women. A-line skirts are sure to give you that perfect hourglass figure and accentuate your waist. What more could you want?! A-line skirts come in different styles which means there’s sure to be a style to suit you. Another perk of the A-line skirt is that it’s perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re going to a fancy dinner and choose to style your a-line skirt with a stylish blouse, or have a day of shopping & lunching planned with friends and style your skirt with a t-shirt, an a-line skirt is always going to be the perfect style choice!

 "Life isn't perfect but your skirt can be" 


Skirt style 2: mini

mini skirt tends to fall no lower than halfway down your thighs making it one of the most flattering skirt styles to accentuate or give the illusion of long legs. The mini skirt is also one of the most popular skirt styles so it comes in all kinds of designs, fabrics, prints and colours. If you don’t yet have a mini skirt in your wardrobe, go and get yourself one! You won’t regret it! If you’ve been blessed with long & slim limbs go for a body-hugging mini skirt to really show off your assets, while a slightly flouncy mini will look amazing on curvaceous girls. This is the perfect skirt style for dancing the night away at the club, drinks with the girls or a special date. Not quite bare legs weather? Grab your favourite printed tights and high-knee boots and you’ve got yourself the perfect ‘fit!

Not sure of your exact body type? Check our blog and discover what body type you are!


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Skirt style 3: midi

long skirt or midi skirt falls below the knee and extends towards halfway down the calf which makes it a very chic and elegant skirt choice. The midi skirt is perfect for women with slightly broader hips and thighs, so make sure to choose a midi-skirt that accentuates those features and steal the show! Tuck your top into the waistband of your skirt and instantly define your waist, and highlight your curves. If your thighs are a little on the heavier side, try a mini or maxi skirt instead of this style, as the midi’s length doesn’t work well with your proportions.

Skirt style 4: maxi 

maxi skirt is the longest of all of the skirt styles and will typically fall down to the ankles or the floor. Maxi skirts are perfect all-year skirts but they hit peak-popularity in summer, because they carry such a beautiful boho vibe. Maxi skirts are universally flattering and, despite their length, perfect for summer because they’re nice and airy. Dark single-coloured high-waisted maxi skirts are perfect for short girls as they’ll give you the appearance of endless legs, while tall gazelles can have some fun with printed maxi skirts that fall lower on the waist. If you’re blessed with a curvaceous figure go for a wider maxi dress and stick to one colour, while athletic figures look amazing styled in colourful, printed maxi skirts. As you can tell, maxi skirt options are endless!

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Skirt style 5: leather

Leather skirts aren’t just for the bad-ass girls amongst us, no the leather skirt has become totally mainstream and we totally get why! A leather skirt is a total must have. Super versatile and always on trend, you’ll definitely want to get yourself a leather skirt to edge up your wardrobe! Style your skirt with a glitter top for the ultimate party outfit, or add an elegant edge to your leather outfit with a pretty blouse. We love that leather skirts come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s always one to suit your figure!

Skirt style 6: pleated

Pleated skirts have been around in one form or another for fashion decades, and there’s no surprises why that might be, because these skirts are the ultimate in feminine dressing & style. Pleated skirts come in lots of different styles, some have wide pleats that add volume to your skirt, while others have more delicate pleats or plisse details that are actually very slimming. So, if you’re looking to add some curves to your shape go for a voluminous pleated skirt, but if you want the opposite effect go for a plisse skirt instead. In any case a high-waisted skirt with a wide waistband will highlight a tiny waist, which every woman is after! 

Skirt style 7: straight fit

Straight fit skirts are, as the name would suggest, very straight in style and shape and run straight down from the waist. Depending on the material & styling you go for, you can basically wear this skirt style for any occasion, go for formal style in a straight-fit skirt with a split in the back seam or give it a more sexy edge with a side split that shows off a bit of leg. A straight-fit skirt suits every shape and size, which is why it’s one of our faves!

Skirt style 8: ruffled

Skirts come in all kinds of different prints, colours, and details. Details such as ruffles! Ruffled skirts are a bit of fave at My Jewellery because they’re just so fun. Ruffles also work well to accentuate certain areas of your body, so if you have an athletic shape but you’d like to add the illusion of curves go for a voluminous ruffled skirt, instant curves! If you’d rather not highlight your curves choose a longer skirt with ruffles at the bottom so the focus isn’t on your hips. 

Skirt style 9: skort

Skorts are skirt shorts and they are ideal for every season and occasion. In summer wear your skort with short-sleeved tops and sandals, and come winter add some tights, a sweater and boots instead. Skorts tend to be quite short which makes them perfect for every body, but they also have the added bonus of giving a little more coverage than your average mini skirt.

Skirt style 10: wrap

Wrap skirts can be wrapped around your waist to really show off the slimmest part of your shape. They come in a huge variety of colours and prints but always look super cute & feminine which is why we completely love this style! Another secret little perk? The wrap skirt lends itself really well to concealing a little tummy, and don’t we all secretly want that sometimes?! We love wrap skirts in summer styled with layers of jewellery for the ultimate summer look! 

 "A skirt is always a good idea"


Which skirt style is your fave? Tag @myjewellery on Insta and let us know! We can’t wait to see how you style your favourite skirts.

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