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  1. Bordeaux red skirt with embroidered trim
    Bordeaux red skirt with embroidered trim
    Bordeaux red skirt with embroidered trim is available in 3 colors Available in 3 colors
  2. Bordeaux red blouse with embroidered trim
    Bordeaux red blouse with embroidered trim

Co-ord sets for all seasons!

Twinning is winning! These fun trend sets are also known as co-ords or clothing sets. Whatever you want to call them, they are totally hot! The co-ord sets from My Jewellery are an absolute must-have in your wardrobe. A co-ord set is a clothing set that consists of a top or blouse styled with pants or a skirt, with the same print and/or made of the same fabric. A co-ord set consists of, for example, a skirt and a blouse that both have the same My Jewellery print. Alternatively, you can style two items in the same fabric, like denim. A co-ord set is a two-piece outfit in the same colour, print and material that come together to create one complete look. That said, how do you even go about starting to put your very own co-ord set together? First of all, you need to work out what clothing items you want. After all, there are so many. By finishing off your outfit with some cool jewellery and accessories, you’ll be totally on-trend with your co-ord set.

Easy peasy, co-ord sets

Two is better than one. Co-ord sets make choosing an outfit a lot easier. After all, we’ve all dealt with the stress of trying to pick the right outfit, right? By choosing a co-ord outfit you’ll be ready in one go! We have two-piece sets in every single style. The two-piece denim set is perfect for that cool, edgy look. Finish this set off with one of our elegant basic shirts. You could also create a girly, girly look with our skirt and blouse sets. These feature the latest and most vibrant My Jewellery prints and give your outfit some extra colour! Don’t forget to add your favourite jewellery for the perfect look. For the girls that love a little bit more comfort, My Jewellery trouser suits are the way to go! Consisting of a lovely soft top and trousers that come in the same fabric, there’s nothing better for an evening of Netflix! Co-ord sets are great for any occasion. You definitely do not want to miss out on them, so take a look at My Jewellery’s broad range now!

Mix & match your clothing set

Who doesn’t want to snooze just a little longer on an early morning? With these clothing sets you’ll be dressed to the nines in no-time. The co-ord sets are super trendy and fashionable because you always make your outfit into one complete whole. You often see two-piece outfits with a skirt and blouse. This makes it look like you are wearing a dress, how cool is that? There are endless styling possibilities with a set like this. You could finish off a skirt and blouse outfit, for example, with a belt. Prefer wearing these items separately instead of in a set? That´s possible too! Wear the complete set one day and just the blouse with some cute flared pants the next. That way you can turn the skirt and blouse into multiple outfits. A co-ord set with a skirt and blouse will also look great this autumn with a pair of tights, boots, and your favourite jewellery. Do you prefer wearing trousers? Then the sets with trousers are perfect for styling with a matching coat or blazer. Truly a match made in heaven!

Styling co-ord sets

There are all types of co-ord sets available, like those with a floral print, animal print, basic or in one solid colour. How do you style these different sets with jewellery? We recommend going for minimalistic jewellery with a busy print because it creates a balanced look. If you wear a co-ord set in one solid colour, it's nice to complete the look with some large, standout jewellery. For a two-piece outfit, some classy jewellery and accessories will do the trick. If you choose a co-ord set with a vibrant print, then we suggest you tone it down ever so slightly with some gorgeous basic jewellery. If you’re heading out for a special occasion in the evening, then swap your basic earrings for some statement earrings! Top off that co-ord outfit with a calming print and a striking necklace or a full-on ear party. This will keep your outfit in balance. The most important thing is that you choose a co-ord outfit that suits your own style. Basically, with the newest co-ord sets, you’ll look fashionable in all the upcoming seasons!