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  1. Blue floral print dress
    Blue floral print dress
    As low as €32.19 Regular Price €45.99
  2. Pink floral print dress with balloon sleeves
    Pink floral print dress with balloon sleeves
    As low as €49.99

The cutest long sleeve dresses by My Jewellery

Long sleeve dresses are another one of those essential items for every woman’s wardrobe. At My Jewellery you can shop the very cutest long sleeve dresses in every style imaginable. Whether you are going for a classy, feminine or basic dress, we’ve got it all. Ruffle dresses with long sleeves are totally on-trend at the moment. At My Jewellery we certainly couldn’t ever leave out those beautiful long sleeve ruffle dresses with different prints. The cheetah ruffle dresses are also mega trendy, and we are huge fans of these dresses. Not too big on long sleeve dresses with a print? So, why not choose a classy long sleeve black dress and style it with your favourite jewellery & accessories from My Jewellery. That way your nice jewellery and accessories will really stand out in the crowd! With a good selection of long sleeve dresses in your wardrobe, you’ll have a whole host of cheerful looks at your fingertips. On top of that, you’ll never be stressed about what to wear ever again! How nice would that be? Get yourself this fine piece of clothing now!

The long sleeve maxi dress for the whole year

Long sleeve dresses are an absolute must-have because they work as summer dresses, winter dresses, autumn dresses and spring dresses wrapped up into one. They look super feminine and with just one item you have a complete mega trendy outfit. You can wear a long sleeve maxi dress in all four seasons. Since they come all the way down to your ankles, you can wear them with trainers or sandals on a cooler summer day. In autumn, you can wear a long sleeve dress with some cool boots, style your outfit with a variety of bracelets and rings, and voilà, you're ready to go! You could always wear some tights underneath when it gets a bit chilly. So, having a long sleeve maxi dress in your wardrobe is perfect! We also have the long sleeve maxi dress in a variety of prints, colours and styles, so there is bound to be something in there for you too. Which long sleeve maxi dress are you going to shop for?

Long sleeve dresses for any occasion

Besides always looking on-fleek with a long sleeve dress, they also look great on any occasion. My Jewellery has a hot selection of different designs with long sleeves. Whether you want to go for casual or posh, there is plenty of choice. Choose a long sleeve blouse dress, a basic dress or a long sleeve dress if you want to go for something posh. Style your dress with jewellery from our Powerstones collection and, hey presto, you’ve got yourself a mega classy and stunning look. Going for a casual look? Then choose a long sleeve dress with a print. Long sleeve dresses with prints are absolute essentials and totally hot. That's why the My Jewellery collection includes long sleeve dresses with flower prints, leopard prints and polka dots. With all these prints, your look will be totally on-trend and you can alternate styles!

Styling tips

The nice thing about a dress with long sleeves is that your outfit is instantly complete. Style your long sleeve dress with trainers, boots and perhaps some tights. Do you want to complete your look? Style your look with the nicest jewellery & accessories available from My Jewellery. Make your own necklace party and style with some bracelets and rings to create a unique look. You have endless styling options with all that different jewellery, giving you the ultimate finishing touch. Do you want to make your look a little bit edgier? Then have some fun styling your dress with a cool leather belt around the waste. Top it off with an on-trend scrunchie and your long sleeve dress look is complete! Shop your favourite long sleeve dress and let us know how you styled it. Tag @myjewellery to share your outfit so we can have a look and maybe even repost it too!