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  1. Coral-pink wrap top linen look
    Coral-pink wrap top linen look
    Coral-pink wrap top linen look is available in 4 colors Available in 4 colors
  2. Coral wrap cardigan with ruffle
    Coral wrap cardigan with ruffle
    Coral wrap cardigan with ruffle is available in 6 colors Available in 6 colors

On-trend wrap tops

Trend alert! Wrap dresses, wrap skirts and wrap tops are massive hits right now in fashion. Rightly so! Have you got some space left in your wardrobe? Be sure to fill it with some gorgeous wrap tops from My Jewellery. A wrap top is essential in your collection, because we can never have too many clothes. Luckily, My Jewellery has new items going online daily, so you’ll definitely find something you love. A wrap top is classy, timeless, feminine and playful, the perfect top for an irresistible look. Your outfit will be on point with a wrap top and they are incredibly comfortable. In our collection of tops, you will certainly find a wrap top that suits you. Will you be going for a black wrap top, white wrap top or a colourful wrap top? Or perhaps you would prefer a ruffle top? The choice is yours, but know that you’ll always look on-trend in a wrap top. Shop your favourite wrap top at My Jewellery. 

A wrap top for any occasion

Wrap tops are a very fashionable item and they can be endlessly mixed and matched. A wrap top for women can be styled sexy, casual, romantic or classy. So essentially, a wrap top is a great option for any kind of look you might want to achieve. A wrap top is just a little more special than other ‘regular’ tops. Thankfully My Jewellery has a wide selection of wrap tops. Have you got a date night coming up? Wear a wrap top to impress your crush. Alternatively, if it´s party night, you’ll shine like a star in a wrap top. Wear it with some flared trousers and heels or sneakers. Add some beautiful jewellery, like some necklaces, and your outfit will be on point! You could create a necklace party with chains of varying lengths, which will make your wrap top stand out even more. And if you think that’s all, think again! You could wear a wrap top to a formal business meeting as well. Style the wrap top with some trousers for a stunning look. A wrap top is pretty much perfect for any occasion. For more inspiration check out our Seen on social page. There you will find lots of other looks. Which wrap top will you be going for?

Suitable for any season: wrap tops

Wrap tops are perfect for just about any occasion, but also for every season as well. We have long sleeve tops, T-shirts and short sleeve tops. Take a look at our categories and discover which top is your ultimate favourite. Wrap tops are suitable for spring, summer, autumn and winter, why is that, you ask? We’ll tell you why! During summer, you can wear your wrap top with a skirt, shorts or even a skort. Add some summery accessories to the mix, like a bucket hat and slippers, to create a real summer vibe. In wintertime, you can wear it with long trousers or jeans, and if you’re wearing a short sleeve wrap top, you can wear it with a cardigan or blazer to get you through the wintery cold! My Jewellery also has coloured tops in seasonal colours. How about lilac tops, pink tops, white tops or blue tops for the summer months. And black tops and green tops for the colder months. That said, you can wear any colour you want, whenever you want. Let us know what look you’ve created by tagging My Jewellery on Instagram or by using the hashtag #myjewellerygirl. We would love to see your outfit! 

Shop ruffle tops online at My Jewellery

Wrapped up in how to work a wrap top? Would you like to know how to wear a wrap top, wrap dress or wrap skirt? Read all about it in our blog 'how to tie skirts & dresses?' and discover how you can easily wrap these items. So what are you waiting for? Fill up your shopping bag with the finest wrap tops. Online shopping has never been so easy. You can shop any of our wrap tops 24/7 on our webshop from the comfort of your own home. How chilled out is that?! Before you know it you’ll be wearing a beautiful wrap top thanks to our super-fast delivery. Your package will be there in no time. Try on your order at your leisure. You have 14 days to return an order. Alternatively, if you prefer to see our wrap tops in real life, feel free to head down to one of our boutiques. The staff there will be thrilled and delighted to help you pick out the perfect wrap top. Happy shopping at My Jewellery!