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Charm bracelets are hot & happening 

Are you on the hunt for a cute charm bracelet? Then you my friend, have come to the right place: My Jewellery! We simply adore charm bracelets, which is why we have a beautiful selection of bracelets with charms. Whether you’re looking for a pre-assembled charm bracelet or would love to select the charms yourself, we’ve got you covered. The choice is yours! The charm bracelets are available in many different types, colours and shapes. At My Jewellery, we have such a diverse selection of bracelets with charms you´re sure to find something you love! The fantastic thing about charm bracelets is that you can put one together yourself. Now who doesn’t love a unique charm bracelet?! We just love our charm bracelets. These charm bracelets work perfectly for any occasion. Complete your arm party with some of these beauties. They are so easy to style with any outfit, especially beautiful My Jewellery clothing! Have you spotted your favourite charm bracelet yet?

Create the cutest bracelet party with your charm bracelet

Charm bracelets are ridiculously easy to style with just about any of your other bracelets and jewellery. Rock a charm bracelet with some minimalistic bracelets. This will really make your charm bracelet pop! Is it more of a striking look you’re going for? Then pair up a few different charm bracelets together! Another stunning option is styling your charm bracelet with our chain bracelet or chunky chain collection. Your arm party will be the ultimate eye-catcher. The colour of your arm party is entirely up to you. You can mix and match with gold bracelets and silver bracelets. Another alternative is mixing a silver charm bracelet with some minimalistic gold bracelets or vice versa. Mixing and matching your bracelets is simply a look that we embrace! It’s all a simple matter of what suits you and what catches your eye. My Jewellery charm bracelets are designed around the latest trends and are super fashionable. A genuine must-have for your bracelet party! We’ve got to say, we’re quite curious what kind of arm party you’re going to create with our charm bracelets.


Create your very own unique bracelet with charms 

How fun to be able to create your very own bracelet with charms! Your bracelet with charms will be as unique as you let it be. Great, right? On this page, you’ll find charm bracelets that have already been assembled. Interested in putting together your own charm bracelet? We thought you might say yes! Pick out a chain bracelet or a bracelet from the Moments to Collect collection. Next up, select your favourite charms and Bob’s your uncle! You have your very own and unique charm bracelet! How many charms should you wear on your bracelet? As many as you want! The choice is yours. You can even alternate between silver and gold charms. Or keep it uniform by sticking to either silver charms or gold charms. The great thing about My Jewellery charm bracelets is that you get to decide for yourself. Your option: your style. You can even add some meaning to your charm bracelet by selecting charms that remind you of beautiful moments and memories in life. Gorgeous, original and unique!

Gift a charm bracelet

A charm bracelet is the perfect gift to give someone that’s special to you. We’ve all struggled with figuring out what to gift someone that already has everything they need. Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary or for a great achievement, My Jewellery charm bracelets are perfect for giving. You can decide to go for a pre-assembled bracelet that you think works perfectly for the person you are gifting it to. Alternatively, you could put together your own selection of charms giving it a personal and meaningful touch. It makes it so much more special. To make it even more festive, gift the charm bracelet in one of our gift packages. That way it’s not only fun to give, but it’s fun to unwrap! You can find the gift packaging on our gift page. Would you also love to be gifted a charm bracelet? Drop a subtle hint to your mother, sister, brother or lover. Who knows, the bracelet might be dangling from your wrist sooner than you think!