Treat yourself with our 2 for 1 Ring Deal

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  1. Stretch ringen set met parels
    Stretch rings set with pearls
  2. Paars met oranje kralen armbandenset
    Purple and orange beaded bracelet set
  3. Candy armbanden set met blauwe kralen
    Blue beaded Candy bracelet set
    Blue beaded Candy bracelet set
    Special Price €13.99 Regular Price €19.99

Women's jewellery sets at My Jewellery

Jewellery sets are great items to share or gift to your loved ones! At My Jewellery we love matching jewellery, which is why you’ve come to the right place to shop your matching jewellery sets for you and your best friend, mum, aunt or sister. Of course we also offer jewellery sets for women that are just for you and can easily be added to your existing jewellery collection. Whether you’re looking for a matching jewellery set as a gift, or simply as an addition to your jewellery collection, we’ve got you covered! Whether you’re team gold jewellery sets or team silver jewellery sets, My Jewellery has you covered. My Jewellery offers jewellery sets in both colours, so there’s always something to suit your personal style. Plus, as an added bonus, we even offer matching jewellery sets in both colours, that way you never have to choose. How easy is that?! It’s also the perfect solution if you’re hoping to share your jewellery set with a friend, but she’s more of a silver gal and you’re a gold kinda woman (or vice versa of course). We also love how affordable our jewellery sets are, you’re basically buying two or three pieces of jewellery for the price of one! Our jewellery sets for women come as multiple necklaces and multiple earrings sets -perfect for putting together the ultimate necklace party and ear party- so it’s entirely up to you if you choose to share your sets with friends or decide to keep them for yourself. Though we do believe in the motto: sharing is caring! And we can guarantee you that whoever you buy a jewellery set for, they’re going to be thrilled!

Mix 'n match your jewellery sets with your loved ones

How fun to be able to share your matching jewellery set from My Jewellery with your best friend, lover of mum? At My Jewellery we love surprising our loved ones with jewellery sets. Our women’s jewellery sets aka gift sets make the perfect gift. Get yourself a jewellery set and share it with your favourite person, so you can always mix and match the pieces you wear. That way you and your bestie can show off a new jewellery party every week! Some jewellery sets come with personal jewellery pieces which give a super personal touch to any gift. Stay forever connected with your loved one with a jewellery set from My Jewellery! Alternatively, style your jewellery set for women with other jewellery like a ring set, and create a unique jewellery look complete with the most on-trend items of the season. Rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings are all part of our jewellery sets, so you know that My Jewellery always has you covered. Mix and match the jewellery sets with your current jewellery stash or match the jewellery sets with other My Jewellery items. Our very sparkly Mood collection has to be included in your jewellery collection as the perfect go-to party jewellery. Looking to match your partner in crime? Why not take a look at our Equal collection, a collection of gender neutral pieces, designed to steal the show! Which jewellery will you pair your jewellery sets with? We can’t wait to find out!

Matching bracelets sets

If you’re a fan of the My Jewellery bracelets, we’ve got news for you! The jewellery sets from My Jewellery include loads of on-trend bracelets in different designs, which makes it super easy for you to find the right bracelet set for you! Obviously, you can easily wear your bracelet set yourself, but it also makes the perfect gift for any bracelet lovers. Our bracelet sets all have a beautiful & personal meaning, which makes these bracelets perfect presents for any loved one. Keep a bracelet to yourself and give the other bracelet that’s part of the jewellery set for women to your best friend, for an elevated grown-up version of a friendship bracelet. Alternatively, seal the special bond between you and your sister with a beautiful jewellery set containing our sister bracelet set, the perfect gift for sister & the message will be loud and clear! Shine a light with your mum and surprise her with one of our mother & daughter bracelet sets as a gift for mum and we can 100% guarantee she won’t ever take it off again. Looking for the same kind of meaningful jewellery set for your best friend? In that case, you’ve got to check out our Forever Connected bracelets set, which is sure to be the perfect match for you and your best friend. But no worries if you’ve got multiple friends you’d like to share a bracelet with, because we have the perfect jewellery set for that occasion too: our spread the love set, is perfect for your group. If you’re looking for a ready-to-give gift, My Jewellery also offers gift sets that come in beautiful boxes, already wrapped, so you all you have to do is order the perfect one for you!

The perfect gift

A jewellery set for women by My Jewellery is the perfect gift for every woman in your life! Choose the right matching jewellery set that really suits the important woman in your life, and she’ll love her gift forever. Matching jewellery sets are a big jewellery trend at the moment, which is another reason why they’re such a great gift idea! A jewellery set for women is the perfect gift to give & to receive. One of our personal favourite gift sets is our forever connected bracelet set. These bracelet sets are made of two bracelets with two rings interwoven with each other. These two rings are inscribed with “No matter where you are, I’m connected with you” and come in different colours as well. Our women’s jewellery sets come in gold, silver and other colours, so there’s always a set that will match your favourite jewellery. Our jewellery sets can be as affordable or expensive as you wish, it all depends on which items you choose and how much you want to spend. Shop your gift or jewellery set online or head to one of our many boutiques in The Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany where our boutique girls will be happy to help you find the perfect gift. Happy shopping & happy giving!