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  1. Souvenir hibiscus flower ring
    Souvenir hibiscus flower ring
  2. Triple strawberry ring
    Triple strawberry ring
    Triple strawberry ring
    As low as €40.00
  3. Triple pomegranate ring
    Triple pomegranate ring
    Triple pomegranate ring
    As low as €30.00
  4. Flower ice cubes ring
    Flower ice cubes ring
    Flower ice cubes ring
    As low as €30.00
  5. Vintage crystal signet ring
    Vintage crystal signet ring
  6. Vintage zegelring transparante steen | My Jewellery
    Vintage transparent crystal signet ring
  7. Vintage red crystal signet ring
    Vintage red crystal signet ring
  8. Vintage cluster ring kristal
    Vintage cluster ring crystal
  9. Signet ring love | Trendy ring | My Jewellery
    Signet ring love
    Signet ring love
    As low as €19.95
  10. Vintage statement ring kristal
    Vintage statement ring crystal
  11. Vintage cluster ring oranje kristal
    Vintage cluster ring orange crystal
  12. Vintage cluster ring groen kristal
    Vintage cluster ring green crystal

Statement rings by My Jewellery

We’re huge fans of the statement rings by My Jewellery, what about you? Statement rings are seriously trending right now, and are the hottest items in the world of jewellery, and we’re so here for it! A statement ring is big and bold with clearly defined details. Trust us, people will be able to spot you from a mile off in a My Jewellery statement ring! Statement rings for women are available in various styles and designs, so there’s a big ring to suit every woman’s wishes. Obviously a big statement ring isn’t for everyone, in which case you should definitely check out our collection of minimalist rings. Or steal the show in a statement necklace by My Jewellery. Back to our statement rings though, because these will turn you into a walking eye-catcher! Pair your statement ring with simple gold rings or silver rings, et voilà your ring party is complete. What’s your flavour? A statement ring with crystals, a coin, birth year, shape or symbol? The choice is yours, which means you’ll always pick something you love! Looking to add a little bit of spice to your outfit? A statement ring does just that. A big ring doesn’t need any extra rings, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add them anyway. Mix and match to your hearts’ content with the gold jewellery and silver jewellery by My Jewellery. 

Statement ring styles

Statement rings come in all shapes and sizes, but don’t you worry, we’ll tell you all about the ins and outs of statement rings by My Jewellery. Every big ring is unique in its own way, just like you! Go for a statement ring with a subtle design, like a wrap ring, a twisted ring or a layered ring. These statement rings are probably the most subtle in terms of statement rings, so even if you’re more a fan of minimalist rings, you might appreciate these. Alternatively, go for a statement ring with some colour or a crystal detail and match the colours to your outfit, trust us, your outfit will be seriously on point! More into chunky jewellery with a personal meaning? In that case, the initial jewellery collection is the perfect jewellery collection for you! The initial rings have a personal touch but are still truly statement making, a match made in heaven. Shop your big ring online or visit us at one of our many boutiques, where our boutique girls will happily welcome you. Happy shopping at My Jewellery! 

Mix & match your statement ring

A statement ring is a ring that needs no other ring. A statement ring is basically all you need for a complete ring party on your hands! So, are you on a bit of a budget, but still on the hunt for that perfect ring? Shop one of our fun ring sets that gets you 2 rings for the price of 1, how nice? Alternatively, go for just a statement ring, for a ring party you’ll keep staring at. Although, don’t feel like you can’t add any more rings just because you’re wearing a big ring, after all it’s all about the ring party you like. A big ring in a crazy design makes a pretty big statement, so you want all the attention to go to it, but if you do want to add some other rings but you’re not sure how? No worries, we’re here! Add some minimalist rings like a pinky ring or an adjustable ring so your statement ring shines through. Ready to go all in? Then pair your statement ring with a signet ring, gemstone rings or choose an extra statement ring for double the fun! Check out our blog: “How to: ring stacking” for help in how to create the ultimate ring party! An on-trend statement ring for women can be worn all day and every day, no need to wait for a special occasion to rock your statement ring! We want to see the looks you create with your statement rings by My jewellery! So share your favourite ring party with us by tagging us on Instagram of use the hashtag #myjewellerygirl, we can’t wait! 

Gift tip: statement rings

My Jewellery also happens to be the place to be for your gift shopping! And a statement ring is basically the perfect gift for her. Our big rings come in different price categories, which means everyone can buy a cute gift within their own budget. Go for a classic statement ring with subtle style, which is easy to style with any outfit, a real wanna-have. Or you could go big (literally) with a statement ring which has a symbol incorporated into it, such as a flower or heart shape. Trust us, you’ll really steal the show in these large rings! If your budget is slightly bigger, then you could always go for a special statement ring: a vintage crystal statement ring! These statement crystal rings are premium quality stainless steel, which means you can enjoy them for years to come. One ring not enough? Then go for multiple rings, because a girl can never have too many rings! Add some cute gift wrapping to really finish off your gift beautifully. Have fun gifting your statement ring!