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Meet the colleague | Product Content Administrator

By Victoria Cowan, 17 November 2021

Karlijn Kuijpers had been working at My Jewellery since November 2016 when she was the returns coordinator, but in 2021 she decided to take the leap to marketing. In the end she’s happy she took the plunge, despite the difficulties it entailed.

Colleague Karlijn Kuijpers
Position: Product Content Administrator

From the beginning till now

“I applied for the vacancy for returns coordinator in 2016. It seemed like a great new and unknown challenge because the returns department seemed quite sheltered from the media/outside world, which really piqued my interest. I was familiar with My Jewellery because, like many women, I’m a fan of fashion and jewellery, so I knew the match with the company would definitely be there.”

“Once I was hired, it turned out that this was a completely new position, and at the time there was little to coordinate within the department, so I started unwrapping and processing the packages. The department began to grow quite rapidly because of an increase in orders which meant there were more regular returns. At its max we had 15 team members in the department, so coordinating them started to come to the fore. From organising small things within the team, contacting customer services about odd packages or struggles within the team, all of which I had to try to manage well. After about 4.5 years I started to notice that I was losing the challenge within my position because we were changing the ranks in operations and managers. For instance, I began to realise that I was doing more and more admin, but it could’ve also been because I was at my max within the department and I wasn’t being stimulated to grow/develop anymore. Personally, I also realised I wasn’t getting as much enjoyment from the 1 to 1 chats that I used to. Obviously those chats were inevitable because within the team I was the point of contact for everyone. I lost my will to fight for it but I did really want to stay at My Jewellery. So, I would keep an eye on the internal job vacancies with the idea that something might catch my eye. ”

A new position

“I decided to start applying to new positions once I realised that all my passion was gone and I’d started working on auto-pilot. I always used to be the kind of person with a can-do attitude, I wanted every job or project to be finished yesterday rather than today. I liked getting involved in processes purely because I was interested in everything, and I also wasn’t afraid to get my hands dirty when helping the department get back on track. Eventually, I looked at who I used to be and who I’d become and concluded that I’d achieved everything I could in my own position.”

“I’d seen the vacancy for Product Content Administrator a couple of times but at the time didn’t take any action, possibly because I felt unsure of myself? Or because I felt like the hurdle was too big? It’s difficult to say. But when I saw it this time, I knew the moment was right to apply, although I was a little worried how it would look within the company.”


“The application process was fairly easy because getting in touch with someone within the company didn’t seem so scary. I saw which colleague at recruitment was in charge of the vacancy and asked if they’d be willing to have a cup of coffee. This was well received and eventually I communicated my interest in applying internally to the position of Product Content Administrator. ”

“With hindsight I’m really happy that I took this step. After all, if you don’t do anything about your situation, nothing’s going to change. I also look back at the interviews I had fondly, because I felt taken seriously and my application was processed in the same way as those of external candidates. Since my internal job change a lot has changed and it’s encouraged a lot more, which I consider a really positive change!”


“I believe personal decisions often rely on how you’re feeling at that moment. I don’t regret not applying for the vacancy the first time. In the end you have to take the steps you feel comfortable with and it has to be a conscious decision. I also think that you should take everything you can from your current position, so you can honestly say to yourself that you did everything you could to rediscover the challenge.‘

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