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  1. Dark green satin look wrap dress
    Dark green satin look wrap dress
    Dark green satin look wrap dress
    As low as €50.99 Regular Price €59.99
  2. Blue floral satin look wrap dress
    Blue floral satin look wrap dress
    Blue floral satin look wrap dress
    As low as €17.50 Regular Price €49.99
    Blue floral satin look wrap dress  is available in 4 colors Available in 4 colors

The perfect wedding guest dress

Shopping a wedding guest dress is one of the most fun things you can do, but it can be quite difficult as well! When a wedding invitation pops through your letterbox, the first thing that probably springs to mind is “What kind of dress should I wear to the wedding?!”, and My Jewellery is here to help you make that choice! Looking for a dress for your mum’s wedding or a dress for you to wear as a wedding guest? At My Jewellery we’ve got you covered either way! At My Jewellery we have vast array of dresses for weddings in our range, so you’ll have no bother picking out a dress for that special day. You can wear party dresses , maxi dresses, ruffle dresses or even floral wedding guest dress. There are more than enough dresses to choose from for a wedding! And you can keep wearing that dress after the wedding has come and gone. Keep your dress for special occasions like a birthday or a drink with friends. Who says you need a special occasion to look good?!

Different types of dresses for weddings

A special day deserves a special dress. But what is a nice and appropriate wedding outfit? My Jewellery has a great variety of options for you, like a beautiful flamboyant light bright coloured dress with a nice print. Or what about a cute wedding dress with ruffles. You can also choose between different lengths of wedding outfits. Go short or long, but keep it subtle and make sure your dress is not too short and sexy. The last thing you want to do is steal the limelight from the bride on her special day! Don’t feel like wearing a dress to the wedding? Why not go for a nice pair of flared trousers or a women’s suit. A wedding outfit doesn't always has to be a dress! Be creative and create your own unique wedding outfit.

Styling your wedding guest dress with jewellery

Once you’ve found the perfect wedding guest dress, you’ll want to style it with the right jewellery. It’s important that you go for subtle jewellery that suits your wedding guest dress. When choosing your jewellery, focus on nice, minimalist jewellery. It doesn’t matter whether you go for silver or gold as long as you stick to one colour of jewellery. If you want to look really posh, then go for pearl jewellery, like a pair of pearl earrings or a pearl necklace. A wedding is a special day and a celebration of love, so it’s important that your jewellery reflects that. Choose a heart bracelet or a heart ring and with jewellery like that will compliment your wedding guest dress perfectly! My Jewellery has a lot of very cute jewellery that fit in well with the wedding theme, so take a look online now and shop your favourite wedding essentials to go with your wedding guest dress, and allow that dress you are wearing to the wedding truly express itself!

Top off your wedding outfit

It goes without saying that if there is a dress code, you should stick to it. So do your best to coordinate your clothing and wear a suitable dress to the wedding or a cute women’s suit. It’s also wise to pick a pair of shoes that are comfortable to walk in. High heels are beautiful, but if you’re not comfortable in them, you’d be better served with a pair of flats or maybe even thigh-high boots. It’s also important to choose a wedding guest dress colour that suits you, and that matches the time of year. Earthy colours for winter and pastel colours for summer. And last but not least, add some cute accessories to top things off. Choose a nice bag for holding your essentials like lip gloss, powder and hairbrush, so you can give yourself a quick touch-up in between whenever you feel you need to. And pick out a nice hair accessory like a nice hairpin so you can put your hair up. Follow these tips, and your wedding outfit can’t go wrong!