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  1. Dark grey cargo skirt with pockets
    Dark grey cargo skirt with pockets
  2. Red skirt with pompoms
    Red skirt with pompoms
    Red skirt with pompoms Red skirt with pompoms is available in 3 colors Available in 3 colors
    As low as €25.19 Regular Price €35.99
  3. Blue jacquard wrap skirt
    Blue jacquard wrap skirt
    Blue jacquard wrap skirt Blue jacquard wrap skirt is available in 2 colors Available in 2 colors
    As low as €25.19 Regular Price €35.99
  4. Bohemian print skirt with belt
    Bohemian print skirt with belt
    As low as €25.19 Regular Price €35.99
  5. Pink skirt featuring bouclé and ruffles
    Pink skirt featuring bouclé and ruffles
    As low as €20.97 Regular Price €29.95
  6. Grey skirt with pleats
    Grey skirt with pleats
    As low as €24.47 Regular Price €34.95

My Jewellery mini-skirts

You shop the loveliest mini skirts at My Jewellery. A mini skirt is essential to your wardrobe. For women, short skirts exude femininity and reflect self-confidence. Mini skirts come in plain colours, like the traditional black mini skirt, but also in the craziest designs you could possibly think of, short mini skirts with stripes, flowers, ruffles, or checkers! There’s always a mini skirt somewhere that suits you because of the huge variety of styles and fabrics. My Jewellery’s wide range of mini skirts follows the latest trends to provide you with the trendiest short skirts around. Mini skirts are great for every style: cool, classy, basic and feminine. Short skirts are lovely for those hot summer days and on holiday and draw attention to those beautiful legs. Alternatively, you can enjoy your short skirts all year round. Mini skirts are super cute for styling, for which we would like to give you some tips. Once you wear a short skirt there’s no going back. Take a look in this category and shop for your favourite mini skirt!

A short skirt for every woman

It doesn’t matter what kind of body shape you have because at My Jewellery you´ll find short skirts for every physique. Do you have broad hips and narrow shoulders? Go for an A-line skirt. By doing so, you’ll highlight your slim waist. Perhaps you like tight short skirts that really bring out your figure. Then My Jewellery has some stunning mini wrap skirts for you. Are you looking for an unforgettable mini skirt? Then go for a party skirt. You’ll also find some cute feminine mini skirts with ruffles. Ruffles are a trend that has been making a comeback in recent years, so don’t miss out. Looking for a cooler mini skirt? We also have a great choice of some very sexy leather-looking short skirts. So, shop the cutest mini skirts in My Jewellery’s clothing collection now! What mini skirt will you go for?

Mini skirts all year round

Mini skirts aren’t just for spring and summer, they're must-haves for winter and autumn too. In winter we tend to see suede and leather skirts and in summer the colour trends are a lot more cheerful. Regardless of the weather, you can always wear your mini skirt. Wear your short skirt in winter with some warm tights and a cropped sweater. Imagine wearing your mini skirt on a cute snowy day! Trust us, is all about the layering. As long as you have your winter coat, tights and a pair of boots you and your short skirt we'll be ready to go! In summer, you can have lots of more freedom when wearing a mini skirt. Wear a mini skirt with tank tops for those extra sunny days, a day on the beach for instance. A short skirt with cute sandals and an airy top sounds perfect for a picnic day. Mini skirts sit just above the knee and are great for many different occasions. By styling a mini skirt with a cool biker jacket and trainers, you will create a casual look. Going to a party or dinner? Then style your short skirt with a party top and party jewellery. When you style it with the correct accessories and jewellery you will have the most fashionable look around. Simply put, mini skirts should be a part of your wardrobe and with mini skirts from My Jewellery, you’ll look fantastic!

Tips for wearing a mini skirt

We also have a few handy tips for wearing your short skirt. Make sure you choose the right length of mini skirt and coordinate the length with the shape and length of your legs. Wearing a mini skirt is super cute, but be wary of the occasion. If you have to cycle for an hour, it won’t be very comfortable, or if you are playing volleyball, you’ll spend more time fiddling with your skirt than actually playing. If you’re wearing a longer top with your short skirt, then always tuck it in to highlight your figure. It’s more comfortable too! Another tip: it’s also cute to change your sneakers for elegant pumps to give your skirt a totally different vibe. In this way, you have the perfect 24/7 outfit. We also recommend wearing a belt with your mini skirt to add the finishing touch to your outfit. Don’t forget to shop for a cute pair of tights with your skirt for a fabulous look. There are just so many ways to wear your short skirt! Which mini skirts are your favourite?