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  1. Black-white zebra swimsuit with belt
    Black-white zebra swimsuit with belt
    Black-white zebra swimsuit with belt
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Swimsuits are totally hot again

Trend alert! Swimsuits are back big-time. Buying a swimming suit might look more of challenge than a bikini, but nothing could be further from the truth! There’s a perfect swimsuit for every figure. A swimsuit works for every woman out there, whether you’re tall, short, slim, curvy, narrow or a little more voluptuous. There’s always a swimming suit in your size and in your style. The biggest advantage a swimming suit has over a bikini is that they’re more comfortable. Swimsuits are super comfy and allow you to move around, so you can finally enter that swimming competition or take a dive in the sea or pool. If you’re the active type and in need of a swimsuit, there’s no better place than My Jewellery. You can choose swimming suits with narrower or wider straps for a nice effect. Why not go for two lovely swimsuits? One for sunbathing when you hit the beach in the Netherlands or on holiday and one swimsuit for swimming or sports.

The nicest swimming suits for women online

A swimming suit brings out the best of your body. It’s swimsuit magic that draws everybody’s gaze your way. Women's swimsuits have been around for a few years now and it is impossible to imagine a world without them anymore. There’s a nice swimsuit for every style. Are you the sporty type? Then you will probably choose a less busy swimsuit. Do you like a more feminine look? Then go for a lurex item, a stripy item or a swimsuit with a zebra print. The great thing about these swimming suit is that you can wear a waistband with them, so you can really show off your waist. Super feminine! Do you like classier swimming suits? Then go for a floral swimsuit. Why? Because swimming suits with flowers always look good on ladies! That soft and sweet pattern creates a beautiful look and makes you shine in your swimsuit. No matter what you choose, at My Jewellery you will find everything you need for the perfect holiday outfit. Will you be buying a swimsuit with a zebra print, colourful stripes, with lurex, or in green or lilac? Or will you be more daring in a swimsuit with our unique MY print and steal the show in the hottest swimming suit on the beach?

An absolute must-have: a swimsuit

When it comes to swimwear, we often tend to go for a bikini. However, in recent years, the swimsuit has been gaining popularity again. Rightly so! At My Jewellery, we think swimsuits are really quite flattering and give you self-confidence. After all, with a swimsuit, you don't have to worry about whether your bikini top or bottoms will stay in the right place. Think a swimsuit will mess up your tan lines? Then why not buy a bikini and a swimming suit? You can sunbathe in your bikini and take a dip in the sea in your swimsuit. A swimming suit isn’t just an essential item for the summer. Check out our swimsuit range  now and see all of the great sales. It´s time to get your swimwear wardrobe ready for that holiday on the horizon! Swimsuits are perfect for the pool too. In short, a swimming suit makes you happy all year round. At My Jewellery, we want you to feel comfortable in whatever swimsuit you wear, so we have made sure that our assortment of women´s swimsuits is full of all kinds of styles and sizes. We always have something for everyone.

A new way of styling a swimsuit

When you go on holiday, you often go exploring or head out on a road trip. Isn’t it great to wear a swimsuit as a body! Wear your favourite shorts over your stripy swimming suit and your outfit is complete. A swimming suit also comes in handy when you're driving along a beautiful bay and you feel like taking a quick dip. Swimsuits are figure hugging, turning them into a really hot body! Besides, they’re really comfy too. You could also wear a skirt or other clothing items with a swimsuit. Top off your look with some pretty jewellery & accessories and you can’t go wrong! Another fantastic feature of My Jewellery swimsuits is that you can remove the straps as well, so you end up with a super sexy strapless swimming suit. At My Jewellery, we place a lot of emphasis on our women’s swimsuits being the right size and fit, so you can jump into the pool or enjoy the sun on your beach towel with confidence. Women's swimsuits are totally hot and we are only too happy to carry this trend over into 2021. So, what are you waiting for? Take a peek now at the great range of women's swimsuits on offer at My Jewellery.