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    Twisted suspender earring
    Twisted suspender earring
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    Rectangular drop earrings large

Minimalistic earrings from My Jewellery

You can find minimalistic earrings at My Jewellery in many different styles. Minimalistic earrings have been a trend for quite some time now simply because they are such a timeless piece of jewellery and very suitable for any occasion. There are tiny earrings like studs and mini hoops. Aside from all the various types, the small earrings are also available in different colours. We have minimalistic earrings in silver and minimalistic earrings in gold. There’s something for everyone! The fantastic thing about minimalistic earrings from My Jewellery is that you can combine them in countless different ways. That means that you can mix & match all your favourite little earrings. Pop your favourite little earrings in your basket before you miss out! Have you spotted a great pair of minimalistic earrings from My Jewellery yet?

Delicate earrings for every style

You can find minimalistic earrings in every style imaginable. Do you love basic? Try our little earrings like the classic small stud earrings in the colours silver or gold. These are very stylish and suit literally every outfit. Do you prefer the cool look over the sweet look? Add an ear cuff and delicate earrings with perhaps black stones to your ear party. Style these small earrings with a cool jacket and a pair of great jeans and you’ll be ready to rock! Are you over the studs look? Do you often wear your hair in a high ponytail or bun? Maybe you should try small hoops. These will look great on you! Are you looking to get your ears pierced or maybe you want a few extra piercings? Visit any of the My Jewellery boutiques to get your ears pierced. My Jewellery will have you looking fresh when you walk out that door! 

P.S. delicate earrings are a great gift you can give yourself, but they’re also great to gift somebody else. Success guaranteed!

Countless Minimalistic earrings

Minimalistic earrings are the perfect addition to your earring collection. This type of earrings is a true investment, simply because they’re timeless and the perfect addition to your ear party. Are you annoyed that you don't have the right collection of earrings to combine? Minimalistic earrings will solve this problem for you, no trouble at all. These earrings are never over the top. There are countless ways you can style them while maintaining an effortless look. Keep mixing and matching! You should try minimalistic necklaces and minimalist rings as well. These go wonderfully with the minimalistic earring style you’re going for and the look is insanely fashionable! Which delicate earrings will you be going for?

Combining small earrings

Minimalistic earrings are a real must-have in your jewellery stash and are very simple to style with other earrings. Want to try styling your small earrings with something a little extra? Try out small hoops combined with other small earrings. How about celestial jewellery? A beautiful combination of moons and stars. Aside from the fact that they look sweet, there’s meaning there as well. The moon represents eternity and femininity. Stars represent trust and enlightenment. Such a special thought to have! We simply adore mixing and matching minimalistic earrings. Gold and silver also go really well together, contrary to what people used to think! Fantastic, right? Toying with the idea of having different earrings on both ears? We love it! Try single earrings and create the finest combinations. Go and have fun with our minimalistic earrings!