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  1. Leopard print scrunchie | My Jewellery
    Leopard print scrunchie
    As low as €3.99
  2. Black leopard print crossbody bag | My Jewellery
    Black leopard print crossbody bag
  3. Leopard print l'amour tote bag| My Jewellery
    Leopard print l'amour tote bag

Shop the loveliest accessories at My Jewellery

At My Jewellery, we have a very wide range of on-trend accessories. Everything to make your outfit shine even more and to complete your look. We not only have the usual accessories, but also useful and trendy accessories that you might not think of. As far as hair accessories go, you’ll find the loveliest hair pins at My Jewellery, scrunchies that are just too trendy, and some really cute headbands in all kinds of colours. My Jewellery also offers all the key accessories for all four seasons; the warmest beanies, the coolest berets and on-trend women’s caps. For scarves and collars, you are also definitely in the right place. We also have all kinds of bags for all kinds of occasions, just think of a tote bag or a colourful shoulder bag. Last but not least, you’ll also find all sorts of amazing belts and some really cool phone cases with all kinds of patterns at My Jewellery. So, shop your favourite accessories now!

Accessories for every occasion

Are you looking for a more formal outfit, but don’t feel like wearing a blouse? Then go for one of our collars and instantly add a touch of style to your dressed look. Style it with a beautiful hair pin or a classy scarf to complete your look. Winter is here again, but not to worry, with our accessories you’ll be winterproof! Choose one of our warm scarves, a scrunchie, a hip phone case, and one of our bag straps and be one of the on-trend girls walking down the street. Our belts also look amazing with a winter dress and our beauty accessories are really popular. 

Travel essentials collection

We even have some really cute, super handy school accessories, all for making school that little bit more fun! You’ve probably already seen our scrunchies, which are the ultimate hair accessory, pop up before. Having a bad hair day just before you need to leave for school or work? Put up a nice ponytail or knot with one of our faux leather, velvet, or corduroy scrunchies, with glitter or a nice print, and banish that bad hair day for good. We also have some great items available for when you are at work or on the go. Why not go for our (thermal) water bottle, which enables you to keep water nice and warm for a really long time. Heading abroad for a ski trip or going travelling this winter after all that hard work? Then you really must check out our Travel Essentials collection. The latest collection has matching card holders, passport cases, phone cases, and some totally hot chains for your sunglasses!

The essential accessories

There are some accessories that you simply just have to have. We therefore thought we’d help you out a little and create a list with a few items that are totally hot and that come in really handy. We can’t imagine life without face masks any more. We have them in a huge range of great prints just for you. Another absolute must is a belt. Every outfit needs one these days. It looks totally hot when worn over trousers, a dress or even a blazer! This is a fabulous accessory for this coming winter, just like waist bags. Available in all kinds of colours and sizes, this is a true fashion accessory that also comes in very handy. Scarves aren’t just great for winter, they’re also a real essential! Shop your favourite accessories now!