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DIY with My Jewellery sticker sheets

DIY-ing is a trendy activity that we simply can’t imagine doing without. One thing is for sure, you’ll never be bored again once you get yourself a DIY package. At home and have nothing to do? Get out your DIY package and get to work. It’s easier than you think and lots of fun to do. Making yourself new jewellery or accessories is double the fun! You get to design them just the way you want. Have you ever thought about personalising your passport holder or water bottle? We have! Passport holders are gorgeous accessories, but they look even better when decorated with your very own initials. The same applies to water bottles. At My Jewellery, you’ll find beautiful water bottles. The chances are you and your best friend will want the same bottle. To help you identify which is whose, decorate them with cute initial stickers! This will definitely add some charm to them!

Do-it-yourself is hot & happening

Chances are you’ve had a try at a few little DIY projects yourself. Whether you tried making a DIY bracelet, necklace, or some other jewellery, you definitely had a lovely time doing it. We can never get enough. Not sure how to go about DIY-ing? Check out our blog where we explain all about how to do it and the various options that are possible. From pimping up your passport holder, to putting stickers on your suitcase or laptop. We love it all! At My Jewellery, we think that the more personal, the better! Do-it-yourself jewellery is even easier when you use jewellery pliers. For example, flat nose pliers are used to open and close rings easily and cutting pliers for crimping.

Personalise your favourite items

We all love shopping for a bracelet or necklace, but how lovely is it to make your very own jewellery? When you’ve made a bracelet yourself, you’ll find you love it more than your other jewellery. A home-made bracelet is super unique because nobody else will have the same one. Making your own necklace might take longer than simply buying a necklace, but how amazing is it to wear a piece of jewellery that you yourself designed and made?! Work with the bead colours that you love the most and add a charm with special meaning to it. Not exactly a huge fan of jewellery? You could also go for accessories. What about a hair brush, a plant pot, or maybe even a lunch box. Plenty of options available! Decorate the items with your own initials or the initials of someone dear to your heart. Perhaps your lover, mother, or a dear friend. What will you be personalising? 

All your favourite do-it-yourself accessories

Clearly you can go any direction with a do-it-yourself project. DIY-ing doesn’t have to be just with My Jewellery items. You can also apply it to your school notebooks, diary, or even some interior decorations. Don’t inhibit your creativity. A DIY package is such a special gift to receive. A personal gift is always more fun to give. Whether you make the bracelet yourself or you give them the dry-package, they’ll be delighted either way. Our gift set combined with a necklace would be a wonderful and generous gift! Is your friend not really interested in jewellery? Not to worry! You can surprise her with a personalised water bottle or passport holder. Whichever way you go, she’ll be thrilled! Whatever you decide to DIY, be sure to let us know. We would love to see your creation. Share it with us on social media by tagging @myjewellery and we might even feature it!