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Festival season ready with festival dresses

It’s almost that time again! The best festivals are being planned and you simply cannot miss out! The fantastic weather is on its way back and festival dresses are being taken out from the back of wardrobes. Have you planned the first festivals, but have no idea what you’re going to wear? No worries! My Jewellery is here to help. The festival item that always remains on-trend is and always will be a festival dress. At My Jewellery, we have a large & beautiful range of festival dresses. We’ve got maxi festival dresses, but also very summery shorter festival dresses. Throw on a festival dress whenever you don’t feel like wearing pants, or simply because you only want to put on one piece of clothing and call it a day. Another reason why we love festival dresses is because they’re so classy, elegant & feminine but can also be very cool, edgy or even artistic. It all depends upon the style of festival dress you’ll be going for. Whatever type of style you’ll be going for your festival outfit you can never go wrong when wearing festival dresses! 

Get in the festival mood!  

It’s clear to see that you can get the best festival dresses at My Jewellery. Festival dresses are actually our speciality. Every year, My Jewellery goes above and beyond to ensure that we offer you the best and trendiest selection of festival dresses. We all love rocking the newest trends at festivals. We absolutely love wearing festival dresses! However when it comes to carrying around all your personal belongings you’re unfortunately missing some pockets for the day. This is a problem that can be easily fixed however, in the best way possible! You have probably already guessed it already, but yes this means you have to go on a shopping spree for a festival bag that goes with your festival dress. Honestly, that sounds like music to our ears. Another great plus is that just like the festival dresses you can also recycle your festival bag all year round! Actually, you can go all out when it comes to accessories! Channel some main character energy this festival season and do the most this year! Don’t be basic for no one, festival season is the one time a year you can completely let loose. Already set for festival season? My Jewellery certainly is!

Women’s festival dresses 

Steal the show in your favourite festival dress. Nothing is too crazy for a festival, so let your inhibitions go. Mix & match your festival outfit to your heart’s content. Can’t decide between two dresses? Just buy them both! You wouldn’t be the first to do an outfit change throughout the day. Actually, come to think of it, it’s quite the norm! During the daytime you could wear a summery festival dress and, in the evening, when it gets a little cooler, switch into a maxi festival dress. And put on some tights underneath and you’re good to go back to dancing again. Wear both options and get double the compliments. Don’t hold back girl, rock the show! There are several festival dress trends that we’re absolutely loving right now! One of those trends that we absolutely love are crochet dresses. This festival dress trend is one you definitely shouldn’t let pass you by! Style your crochet festival dress together with a fedora hat and add some festival jewellery and you’ll definitely make heads turn wherever you’ll be dancing (or taking pics) that day! Another great festival dress trend is the cut-out trend. This will give you just that extra little feminine touch. Trust us when you try one on you’ll probably totally be feeling yourself. Because let’s be real, why not flaunt what you got! Own your fierceness for the day and you’ll see that your confidence will fill the dancefloor with great energy. 

On-trend festival item: a festival dress

Festivals give you all the fashion freedom you need to try something new. We don’t make the rules, that’s all up to you! A festival dress is a huge trend right now. Whether it’s a black festival dress or a Bohemian dress, a dress always looks fantastic! Combine your favourite festival dresses with festival accessories for an unique look.  Another great option is wearing a festival dress with a print. A festival dress with a print will totally give you those festival vibes, which will make you even more pumped to go! An even better excuse to go shopping for festival dresses is that they don’t only have to be worn to festivals. You can wear it all year round. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion just to look good! Festival dresses can actually be worn regardless of the kind of weather. If it’s raining, wear your maxi festival dress with cool boots, and on sunny summer days, with sneakers or sandals. Before heading on your way, be sure to check the weather to prevent any surprises.