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  1. Oorringen ruitjes patroon | Statement oorbellen bij My Jewellery
    Hoop earrings checkered pattern

Statement earrings from My Jewellery

Statement earrings do exactly that; make a statement. These big hoop earrings are recognisable thanks to the striking detailing. Not only does the size make them stand out of the crowd, but the colour does as well. A lot of our statement earrings also have other striking elements to them, such as varying fabrics, beads and more. At My Jewellery, you’ll find a large selection of statement earrings. From large, round earrings to long drop earrings. There’s something there for everyone. Got a party, dinner, night out, or some other special event lined up? Or maybe you simply love wearing striking earrings? Be sure to take a look at this page with all our on-trend statement earrings. We 100% guarantee that you’ll steal the show with our statement earrings!

Types of statement earrings

There are many different types of statement earrings. The most popular versions are big hoop earrings. These basics look great with any outfit. From party outfits to formal outfits, big hoop earrings work for both! These types of statement earrings are available in gold and silver. For a complete look, match the colour with the rest of your jewellery. Long earrings are another version of statement pieces. Like it says in the name, these earrings can be recognised by their length. Long earrings stand out more than most earrings and are ideal for a fancy party. Large, round earrings aren’t only available in gold and silver, but also in various other colours. You will really add some colour to your outfit with these coloured statement earrings. Combine your coloured statement earrings with a white boyfriend T-shirt and a skirt for a day of shopping with your BFF.

Styling statement earrings

Are you used to only wearing small earrings? Then switching to statement earrings is a big step for you. Perhaps you could try wearing statement earrings at a party or event to slowly get yourself used to big earrings. Do you only ever wear big earrings? How about styling them with small studs? This will make your ear party look a little bit more unique and fun! Statement earrings are definitely not a replacement for small earrings. On the contrary, statement earrings are a fantastic addition to your small earrings. Pick out your favourite pair of statement earrings and get ready to wow!

Gifting big earrings

Yes, big earrings are totally trending! This makes it an absolutely perfect gift for her. Surprise her with big earrings so that your BFF, sister, mother or colleague can make a real statement. Struggling with which ones to pick? First you need to decide whether you want to gift silver or gold earrings. Next you need to take a look at the various shapes: long statement earrings or round statement earrings? Do you think she’ll prefer a statement colour or would she rather a toned-down colour? The choices of statement earrings are massive! Still not able to figure it out? Then you always have the option of giving one our gift cards instead. Your favourite person will then have the opportunity to pick out her own statement earrings. We have such a wide range of statement earrings that she’ll never fail! Happy gifting!