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  • How long is the delivery time for My Jewellery Atelier items?

    My Jewellery Atelier items are lovingly and precisely engraved so there’s an extended delivery time of around 5 business days. Engraved jewellery by My Jewellery Atelier is always shipped in a pretty velvet gift pouch and comes with a card that can be personalised with your message of choice. 

  • What can I get engraved on my selected piece of  My Jewellery Atelier jewellery?

    You can get a maximum of 4 letters engraved onto your necklace or bracelet. Earrings will fit a maximum of 3 engraved letters, and the engraving will be the same on each earring. 

  • Will my engraved Atelier item look the same as the example?

    The images used on the My Jewellery Atelier web page are only a reference for how your piece will look. Jewellery engraving is done by hand, so we can’t guarantee that your piece will look exactly like the example images.

  • Can I return my Atelier item?

    Unfortunately, as the piece is designed exclusively for you, we don’t accept returns on our Atelier items. 

  • Can I use a discount code on an Atelier item?

    Discount codes and promotions aren’t valid on My Jewellery Atelier items. 

  • What is My Jewellery Atelier jewellery made of?

    Our Atelier jewellery is all made of 100% waterproof premium stainless steel. 

  • Can I get more information about My Jewellery Atelier?

    Check out our blog for all the behind-the-scenes details of our My Jewellery Atelier and how we create your engraved jewellery at My Jewellery.