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Meet the colleague 
Brand coordinator

From intern to brand coordinator! Interested in this career path? Read Pleuni’s story…

14 January 2022 | By Victoria Cowan
Reading time: 2 mins

Started from the bottom

Five years ago, Pleuni Cuppen started as an intern in the marketing department at My Jewellery. “I sent in an open application to highlight my interest in the start up, and I was hired as a marketing and social media intern. I was studying Communication & Multimedia Design and was super eager to learn and enthusiastic to finally get started at a company that I love and felt like I had an affinity for.”

“‘Hard work pays off’ is definitely a fitting quote for me. By putting in a tonne of effort and by seeing and grabbing all of my opportunities, I was able to make myself indispensable in a short amount of time. The company culture is such that coming up with and presenting new ideas is very much appreciated. So work for it, and make it happen!”

"Hard work pays off"

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Now we're here: the dream job

“After my internship, I continued to work at My Jewellery part-time as a graphic designer and social media marketeer, alongside my studies. When I graduated, I was offered a job as a social media marketeer, and because of the growth of the company the opportunities really were there for the taking. My dream was to create a creative hub within My Jewellery! Eventually, I grew to become brand coordinator and was able to set up a team of creative specialists.”

Pleuni truly has done everything at My Jewellery. “You’re better off asking me what I haven’t done. In the early years I would jump in wherever I was needed. From tasks that were within my wheelhouse, such as social media, email marketing, pr & influencer marketing, and assisting at shoots to helping out at boutique openings and inputting products.”

At the moment, her focus lies mainly with safe-guarding the brand identity and expanding the brand strategy. “I’ll never be able to fully let go of social media. For me it truly is the biggest platform for our brand.” When asked what she’s learnt from working & interning at My Jewellery her answer is: to think big. “My Jewellery has seen enormous growth within the last 5 years. For me, it’s been incredibly educational and valuable to be a part of!”

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